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Sauber Marcus Ericsson F1 test Barcelona 2017
NameMarcus Ericsson
CountrySweden Sweden
Place of BirthKumla
Date of BirthSep 2nd 1990 - 26 years old
First RaceMar 16th 2014 Australian F1 GP result
Last RaceMar 26th 2017 Australian F1 GP result
Best Qualifying9 - Mar 29th 2015 Malaysian F1 GP result
Best Result8 - Mar 15th 2015 Australian F1 GP result

Marcus Ericsson races car number 9 for Sauber

M. Ericsson F1 statistics:

Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps0

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Marcus Ericsson Biography

Caterham CT05

Marcus Ericsson driving the Caterham CT05

It was a surprise when Sauber announced that they had signed Marcus Ericsson for the 2015 season, after an underwhelming debut year.

The Swede had a rough deal at Caterham but he struggled to make an impression despite their widely publicised problems.

He now joins another team in financial difficulties in Sauber, and there is little doubt that Ericsson’s financial backers influenced the team’s decision.

The 24-year-old will be the team’s senior driver alongside Felipe Nasr, so he will have to impress and show speed many believe is above him if he is to remain in the sport for much longer than 2015.

Marcus Ericsson, Sauber C34

Marcus Ericsson, Sauber C34 (2015)

Prior to F1, Ericsson had a steady but unspectacular racing, and he hasn't won a championship since the 2009 Japanese Formula Three title.

In several seasons of GP2, he consistently improved each year and he progressed from back-marker to podium achiever in five years.

Ericsson has had experience in F1 before. He competed in the Young Drivers Test in 2009 and received positive feedback from Ross Brawn, who said that he showed exceptional maturity.

Ericsson was signed to be Kamui Kobayashi’s team-mate at Caterham in 2014, but the car was riddled with problems and was often described as difficult to drive.

Kobayashi, a more experienced driver, dominated the Swede over the course of the season, but it was Ericsson’s performance in relation to Andre Lotterer that surprised many and dented his reputation.

Lotterer was drafted in for Kobayashi in Belgium to help raise funds, and he drover quicker than Ericsson all weekend.

The 2014 season ended badly for the Swede after Caterham’s financial problems worsened and they entered administration with three races to go. Sauber have given him an F1 lifeline, and he has to take it.



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Marcus Ericsson F1 Championship Results

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
2017 Switzerland Sauber Ferrari1000002100.000
2016 Switzerland Sauber Ferrari2100000105400.000
2015 Switzerland Sauber Ferrari1900000100100.479
2014 United Kingdom Caterham Renault160000071600.000



Marcus Ericsson F1 GP Race Results

5720172017 Australian F1 GP result9SauberFerrari14Retcollision0
5620162016 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result9SauberFerrari22150
5520162016 Brazilian F1 GP result9SauberFerrari20RetCrashed by aquaplanning0
5420162016 Mexican F1 GP result9SauberFerrari15110
5320162016 US F1 GP result9SauberFerrari16140
5220162016 Japanese F1 GP result9SauberFerrari18150
5120162016 Malaysian F1 GP result9SauberFerrari17120
5020162016 Singapore F1 GP result9SauberFerrari15170
4920162016 Italian F1 GP result9SauberFerrari19160
4820162016 Belgian F1 GP result9SauberFerrari19RetTechnical0
4720162016 German F1 GP result9SauberFerrari22180
4620162016 Hungarian F1 GP result9SauberFerrari22200
4520162016 British F1 GP result9SauberFerrari22RetTechincal0
4420162016 Austrian F1 GP result9SauberFerrari18150
4320162016 European F1 GP result9SauberFerrari20170
4220162016 Canadian F1 GP result9SauberFerrari21150
4120162016 Monaco F1 GP result9SauberFerrari17RetCollision0
4020162016 Spanish F1 GP result9SauberFerrari19120
3920162016 Russian F1 GP result9SauberFerrari22140
3820162016 Chinese F1 GP result9SauberFerrari15160
3720162016 Bahrain F1 GP result9SauberFerrari17120
3620162016 Australian F1 GP result9SauberFerrari16RetLeft rear vibrations0
3520152015 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result9SauberFerrari18140
3420152015 Brazilian F1 GP result9SauberFerrari17160
3320152015 Mexican F1 GP result9SauberFerrari14120
3220152015 US F1 GP result9SauberFerrari14RetElectircal failure0
3120152015 Russian F1 GP result9SauberFerrari16RetCollision Hulkenberg0
3020152015 Japanese F1 GP result9SauberFerrari17140
2920152015 Singapore F1 GP result9SauberFerrari17110
2820152015 Italian F1 GP result9SauberFerrari1292
2720152015 Belgian F1 GP result9SauberFerrari13101
2620152015 Hungarian F1 GP result9SauberFerrari17101
2520152015 British F1 GP result9SauberFerrari15110
2420152015 Austrian F1 GP result9SauberFerrari11130
2320152015 Canadian F1 GP result9SauberFerrari12140
2220152015 Monaco F1 GP result9SauberFerrari17130
2120152015 Spanish F1 GP result9SauberFerrari14140
2020152015 Bahrain F1 GP result9SauberFerrari13140
1920152015 Chinese F1 GP result9SauberFerrari10101
1820152015 Malaysian F1 GP result9SauberFerrari9Retspun off0
1720152015 Australian F1 GP result9SauberFerrari1684
1620142014 Russian F1 GP result9CaterhamRenault16190
1520142014 Japanese F1 GP result9CaterhamRenault19170
1420142014 Singapore F1 GP result9CaterhamRenault22150
1320142014 Italian F1 GP result9CaterhamRenault22200
1220142014 Belgian F1 GP result9CaterhamRenault22170
1120142014 Hungarian F1 GP result9CaterhamRenault19Retspun off0
1020142014 German F1 GP result9CaterhamRenault22180
920142014 British F1 GP result9CaterhamRenault21Retsuspension0
820142014 Austrian F1 GP result9CaterhamRenault20180
720142014 Canadian F1 GP result9CaterhamRenault18RetTurbo0
620142014 Monaco F1 GP result9CaterhamRenault22110
520142014 Spanish F1 GP result9CaterhamRenault19200
420142014 Chinese F1 GP result9CaterhamRenault20200
320142014 Bahrain F1 GP result9CaterhamRenault20RetAccident0
220142014 Malaysian F1 GP result9CaterhamRenault22140
120142014 Australian F1 GP result9CaterhamRenault19RetOil pressure0



Marcus Ericsson F1 Podium Finishes




Marcus Ericsson F1 Pole Positions


Teammate Comparison


Marcus Ericsson Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
2014CaterhamAndre Lotterer17220000001001
Kamui Kobayashi111300000069510
2015SauberFelipe Nasr859270000811712
2016SauberFelipe Nasr119020000138129
2017SauberAntonio Giovinazzi18120000000110



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