Marcus Ericsson says the "real races" occur not in Formula 1, but in Indycar.

The Swede, who lost his Sauber seat at the end of last year, is still an Alfa Romeo reserve driver and tester.

He was in action for the Hinwil based team in the post-Austrian GP test.

But the 28-year-old said he prefers doing his actual racing in Indycar.

"These are the real races," he told Auto Motor und Sport.

"Driving behind another car is a million times easier than in Formula 1. Only if you're driving by yourself do you miss the performance of F1. They have a lot more power and downforce," said Ericsson.

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8 F1 Fan comments on “Ericsson: 'Real races' in Indycar, not F1

  1. william burree

    I think f 1 is only for the rich team it is not shared out propley at the end of the year and it could be said it is fixed in some races

  2. Tom Finlay

    I watch both F1 and IndyCar. I'm in the US so there may be a bias on my part, but if passing and wins or even top three finishes by more than three teams is good, then Indy Car wins esthetically. Of course F1 cars are faster, I would hope so given the difference in costs, I just like the fact that IndyCars are harder to drive because of their current Dallara aero kits, as it keeps the drivers busy. IndyCars will still not match F1 speeds when they go to their new engine spec in 2021, but 900 hp will make things interesting.

    Note that I said that I watch *both* F1 and IndyCar. I'm not giving up on F1, but I do enjoy the consistently closer racing in IndyCar more.

  3. Brewster Malthouse

    F1 has the leading market share, but as reported, Liberty stock has been declining. Indy has the best structure for more competitive racing but F1 the cache and colourful history;plus it's pretty darn good! Personally, if push comes to shove, I'll take the girl over both of them every day of the year...

  4. Christer Karlsson

    It has allways been the same in F1 history one team that dominate and then the driver thats in that car concider the fastest driver. But that is only a illiusion as the driver has no real impact to make the car go faster. Maybe you think that but the car make all the differens both on the result and the drivers status. Only idiot think that a William today would winn a race with Hamilton in it


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