Oct.24 - Max Verstappen has played down the reaction to his radio insults following a crash with Lance Stroll during Friday practice in Portimao.

The Dutchman let off an expletive-filled denunciation of the Racing Point driver, but what attracted the most negative attention was his choice of politically-incorrect insults.

For instance, Verstappen called Canadian Stroll a "retard" and a "mongol".

"Why isn't Verstappen given a penalty for insulting behaviour?" one Twitter user wondered.

But when asked about those who may be upset about his language, the 23-year-old suggested the onus was on those who decided to broadcast it publicly.

"That's not my problem," Verstappen insisted.

"Such things happen in the heat of battle," he added. "I was just angry at the time, which is why I called him that.

"Afterwards I spoke with Lance and everything is fine between us."

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5 F1 Fan comments on “Verstappen plays down Lance Stroll insults

  1. John

    It’s horrible the words he used , if it was racist words instead of terrible words used for people with special needs or disability he would of been punished .

    It seems people young and old with special needs mean nothing to him or F1

    All lives matter

  2. Richard

    Why don't all the politically correct do-gooders just f### off and mind there own business it's just words spoken in the heat of the moment that's all no big deal!

    • ReallyOldRacer

      It is not just PC to criticize VER's choice of words, it is the right thing to do. He was wrong, period. However, the kid was pissed and shot off his mouth in an inappropriate manner. So what? You never did that? Let it go.

    • I can't remember

      I don't know about politically correct but it is not a sign of good raising. Blaming it on anyone but the one who uttered the words is just absurd. People are getting uglier all the time.

  3. helena Pinilla

    Verstappen, es el consentido de los periodistas y directivos de F-1, por eso siempre lo postulan como el piloto del día. le pasan por alto la mayoría de las faltas y las dejan como faltas de carrera,puede insultar a quien no lo deje pasar cuando se le acerca y no pasa nada. Equidad con todos los pilotos.


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