Jan.8 - Lawrence Stroll admits that the season-opening Australian GP will be postponed.

The rumour about Melbourne not being able to host the first race of 2021 as scheduled on March 21 comes amid tough coronavirus restrictions in the country and the reportedly more virulent covid-19 strain circulating the UK.

"This has not been officially announced, but it will happen. Not cancelled, but postponed," Aston Martin team owner Stroll is quoted by Speed Week.

"We will go there in the fall. The first race will be in Bahrain."

Stroll's comments tie in with speculation that, on January 4, new F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali told team bosses of the postponement in a video conference.

It is believed Domenicali also said the pre-season test will be moved from Barcelona to Bahrain on March 12-14, with the island Kingdom also set to host the opening race of 2021 on March 28.

After that, rumours suggest Shanghai on April 11 and the following race on the 25th are likely to take place at Portimao and Imola.

"Unfortunately, the coming months will be difficult," Stroll said. "I see light at the end of the tunnel as the vaccines are coming now, but the first part of the world championship will undoubtedly be a challenge.

"I do think we have the worst behind us though and we have learned a lot about how to do races with precautionary measures."

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22 F1 Fan comments on “Stroll says Australian GP will now be postponed again

  1. Greg Hall

    I love F1 but to see them pandering to the covidiots and postponing the race is a disgrace.

    Living in Melb I can tell you WE HAVE NO ONE IN ICU and the only people in hospital with the deadly virus (that seems to have a 99% survival rate if you are under 70 and well) are in states that say you must go there, even if it only the flu.
    Surely Lawrence should know with the pink panthers brush with the covid that it DOES NOT make healthy people that sick (just as Checko and Lance, or Lewis or any of the other F! personnel that are JUST FINE NOW).
    F1 has got to be careful as old curmudgeon like myself don't forgive when big business colludes with the idiots that seem to be in charge to change the things we hold dear.
    So lets loose the masks, the social distancing, the LGBTQ agenda, BLM and the other stupidity (yes lets drop the lawn movers with batteries and go back to the screaming V8, V10 engines) that has infected our sport.
    Last time I attended an even blacks weren't being lynched, homosexuals bashed, and people weren't dropping from covid.
    Here is an idea: Get together, make cars go fast, and the one that finishes first is the winner. Stop your globalists agenda and the people will come.. I will be one of them.

    • ReallyOldRacer

      Greg, there IS a pandemic that is killing MILLIONS of people and seemingly healthy young adults are the main spreaders of the nastiness.

  2. john d mann

    Boys boys boys lets not fight please were better than this , Greg is just misinformed and needs to pick up a newspaper every couple of months to check in with reality .

  3. shroppyfly

    Ha any americans commenting on this had better keep quiet, the joke of the world, but heh have as many guns as you like thats quite safe....... yeah right....a 78yr as president, beggars belief, and you think trump is nuts lol americans, stupid is as stupid does.......surely thats not the best you can do is it? so yes im a brit , bring on the insults, oh and a Happy new year to all, final comment to jd mann, bit sexist saying boys boys boys,

      • shroppyfly

        Just late to the party as ever regarding those scenarios, and regarding Germany , there death numbers re covid say it all, rather a German than an American in todays world , but each to there opinion on that

  4. Kevin Lannigan

    John, this is not fighting. It is an exchange of views. I wouldn't presume to say that Greg is misinformed, and your condescending approach simply inflames matters. Witness shroppyfly's response. If I were to be condescending I would say that your grammar and punctuation require attention.

  5. Kevin Lannigan

    I am very sorry that I have become involved with this, and I apologise for my attitude towards John. I made my brief statement about Greg's comments because I was upset having, witnessed people dying from coronavirus and seen the devastation it has brought to the world as a whole.

    Petty bickering and divisiveness is not what we need at this time. We never need it.

    I am not an American but I respect the American people. I also respect, and agree with, Joe Biden. He may be 78 but I view him as a capable, experienced and wise leader, and I agree with him when he calls for unity and togetherness.

    Let's just enjoy sport when we can.

  6. Greg Hall

    Well let me tell you what it is like here in Victoria Australia.

    There have been 908 deaths in ALL of the country, and ONLY 20 of them were under the age of 60 and total 58 under 70.

    That means that of the 908 deaths, 850 (93.6%) are in the age group that you would not expect a huge amount more life. In simpler terms, they didn't have much longer to live.

    I am in my 50's with a few medical challenges, so if I pass it would not be a surprise to anyone, however it seems that if you pass of ANYTHING here and test positive for covid, (sick or not) you are marked as a covid death.

    Did you manage to see Perez's face when he was interviewed about the coivd, it smacked of surprise that he was even classed as unwell. What about Lewis, he came back pretty quickly (well he couldn't have George showing him up again could he-but that is a story for another thread). Has ANYONE who is currently working in F1 actually died from the killer virus (or kings or queens or PMs?)?

    It is possible to die of covid, just like it is possible to die from the seasonal flu, pneumonia, heat attack, cancer etc. However it is NOT the planet killer they make out, simply another malady that will pass.

    If you have lost people you have my condolences, however, the only guarantee in life is death.

    Have you researched the statistics, why is this a virus of the first world countries: US, UK, France, Belgium, Ireland, etc? Why are countries like Vietnam, Taiwan, Laos, Korea all doing so well compared to the west (please don't say masks or lockdowns my wife is Vietnamese and they 20% wear masks for air quality but not lockdowns or other stupidity)? I think you should just check your facts BEFROE you drink the covid koolaide.

    So if you are OK with F1 (my favourite) sport being debauched, your economies being decimated and your freedoms being diminished, then I guess that is your choice, not mine.

    Personally I prefer to walk the streets free, go to see my favourite sports, conduct my business and be able to travel the world. You wear your gag if you want, I wont.

  7. shroppyfly

    Greg, i like your openness, but here in the UK we are pretty miffed about 80K covid deaths, but ...... on another note stay cool my friend or the other posters will get upset,, stands ready with a box of tissues incase some weep at another persons opinion on f1 or anything related or the boards moderators will do a trump to you......on another note all the hammy contract talk was , oh we will get it sorted blah blah...... , why the hold up? , mmmm you make your own mind up on that

  8. John d mann

    Hey there Greg this is site dedicated to auto racing , not to the health statistics of Australia , as you could probably guess No one gives a Rat's Ass about how many cases of people that had Covid and what was there cause of death. So put it in your rear view mirror and concentrate on F1 if you can . if not go on a Covid Australia" site

    • Greg Hall

      Jan.8 - Lawrence Stroll admits that the season-opening Australian GP will be postponed.

      First line of the article. This DIRECTLY impacts on a sport I love, so why don't you fuck right off.

      • ReallyOldRacer

        Greg, in all my years racing and fighting wars I have NEVER met an Aussie that I didn't like and respect. I guess that there is a first time for everything. Makes me sad.

        • Greg Hall

          Well my folks grew up during the blitz. They were NOT afraid of their own shadows.

          Covid is a bad flu. TIs all. To be cowering under our masks (beds) is tantamount to cowardice.

          To have it impact my life, finances, relationships, friends, family and my sport I say something. You choose not to, fine, however if my parents and their parents (similar for you as well I suspect) had the same moral fibre as being displayed on this blog and by F1 we would all be speaking German.

          I for one am not prepared to give away my freedom and the sacrifices of my predecessors so lightly.

          BTW I am interested just what was it that made us so estranged?

  9. Greg Hall

    First call me Greg.

    No I think there are enough rules already I am sure the riot squad will turn up on my front door if my grammar is sub par (which it is).

    I am truly interested what part of what I have written that has offended you. So why don't you highlight it and send the "guidelines" that pertain to that egregious transgression.

    I am acting my age. I am now a silverback who sees his role in society as one of analysing complex situations, sharing my hard earned knowledge and savvy to help to protect the troop.


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