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Stefano Domenicali News: 2020 Stories, Rumours & UpdatesSee the latest Stefano Domenicali News: 2020 Stories, Rumours & Updates News: ✅ Check out now the newest updates & stories on the former Ferrari F1 team principal who now is CEO at Lamborghini.

Domenicali still follow Formula 1 and is a huge fan of Ferrari.

Andretti’s F1 Dream Gets Closer: FIA Approval Signals 2025 Entry

Sep.23 – Andretti has cleared another hurdle in its quest to race in Formula 1 from 2025. The same, however, cannot be said of..

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23 Sep 2023

F1’s ‘Plan Bee’: Vettel’s Sustainable Future Takes Shape at Suzuka

Sep.15 – Sebastian Vettel will be trackside at Suzuka next weekend as the retired quadruple world champion considers a ‘plan..

15 Sep 2023

F1’s Verstappen Dilemma: Celebrating Success or Keeping the Competition Alive?

Sep.11 – The CEO of the company that owns Formula 1 admits it is becoming hard for the sport to sell Max Verstappen’s utter..

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11 Sep 2023

F1 CEO Rejects Special Rules to Slow Down Verstappen’s Dominance

Sep.3 – Stefano Domenicali has played down the likelihood that Formula 1 will intervene in order to move the rest of the grid closer..

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3 Sep 2023

F1 Boss Domenicali’s Ultimatum: Monza Must Elevate Fan Experience for Contract Renewal

Sep.1 – Monza needs to offer more to spectators in order to qualify for a new Formula 1 race deal beyond 2025, the sport’s CEO..

1 Sep 2023

CEO Domenicali Counters Verstappen’s F1 Critique: Evolution is Unavoidable

Aug.27 – Stefano Domenicali has defended all the changes that are being made to Formula 1’s traditional format. World champion..

27 Aug 2023

Celebrating Greatness: Domenicali Urges F1 to Embrace Verstappen’s Dominance

Aug.27 – F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has defended Max Verstappen’s utter dominance of the sport this year. The Red Bull..

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Sustainable Success: Zandvoort Sets Bar High for F1 Races Worldwide

Aug.27 – Stefano Domenicali has played down fears about the future of the highly popular Dutch F1 GP – even though he admits it..

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Andretti-Cadillac’s F1 Dream: A Tug-of-War between FIA and Liberty Media

Aug.7 – The saga of whether Andretti-Cadillac will be welcomed to the Formula 1 grid is still the subject of a tug-of-war between the..

7 Aug 2023

Spanish GP Contract Extension and Madrid’s F1 Debut on the Horizon

Jul.27 – Formula 1 has hit its rev-limiter with the scheduled 24 races for 2024. That is the claim of the sport’s CEO Stefano..

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27 Jul 2023

FIA Plays Down Latest F1 Budget Cap Breach Rumours

Jul.21 – F1’s governing body has played down rumours up to three teams may be set to be punished for breaching the..

21 Jul 2023

F1 CEO Calls for Stricter Penalties as Top Teams Walk Budget Cap Tightrope

Jul.19 – Three Formula 1 teams are reportedly at risk of breaching the sport’s budget cap rules. Last year, Red Bull and Aston..

19 Jul 2023

Verstappen inspires F1 to reward ‘Grand Slam’ weekend dominance

Jul.18 – Formula 1 could introduce a special prize for a ‘clean sweep’ grand prix weekend performance. In Austria..

18 Jul 2023

Vettel Considers Role as F1 Sustainability Officer for the Sport’s Future

Jul.18 – Sebastian Vettel is not ruling out a return to Formula 1, after retiring as a driver. The quadruple world champion appeared..


F1 Faces Showdown: New Teams Andretti and Hitech in the Spotlight

Jul.17 – Formula 1 could be in for a showdown with its governing body at the end of the application process for up to two new teams..

17 Jul 2023

Secrecy and anticipation: Madrid’s race deal with F1 on the horizon?

Jul.14 – Organisers of a grand prix in Madrid claim they will soon be signing a race contract with Formula 1. In recent months,..

14 Jul 2023

Macron’s Letter to Estrosi: Formula 1 Revival a Key Attraction for France

Jul.12 – French president Emmanuel Macron has given a green light to the revival of the country’s Formula 1 race. After the..

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12 Jul 2023

F1 Delegation’s Downing Street Visit: Demands for Post-Brexit Support

Jul.11 – Formula 1 teams and officials have appealed to the British government to make their lives easier due to the consequences of..

11 Jul 2023

Silverstone secures new deal to secures future of British F1 GP

Jul.5 – Silverstone is on the cusp of securing a new deal to keep the British GP on the calendar. It is believed Formula 1 is poised..

5 Jul 2023

Germany’s F1 future hangs in the balance: Seeking political support

Jul.3 – F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali says it’s up to German authorities to work to revive the defunct German GP. In neighbouring..

3 Jul 2023

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