Portimão Circuit layout & records

Portimão Circuit Details

Location:Portimão Circuit info and records Portimão, Portugal
Event:Portuguese Grand Prix
Type:Closed Circuit
 Lap Dist.:4.653 km

Lap Record

Lap Record:1:18,750 min
Date:25 October 2020
F1 Driver:Lewis Hamilton
F1 Car:Mercedes W11
Speed:212.708 km/h

Pole Record

Record Pole:1:16,652 min
Date:24 October 2020
F1 Driver:Lewis Hamilton
F1 Car:Mercedes W11
Speed:218.531 km/h

Onboard Lap F1 Video

Ayrton Senna, McLaren MP4-8 Ford 1993 Italian Grand Prix, Monza circuitPortimão Circuit

Portimão Circuit (Autodromo Internacional Algarve) Layout

Portimao circuit map layout




F1 Podium Winners on Portimão Circuit

20212021 Portuguese F1 GPMay 21th United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
2th Netherlands Max Verstappen
3th Finland Valtteri Bottas
Germany Mercedes
Austria Red Bull
Germany Mercedes
20202020 Portuguese F1 GPOctober 251th United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
2th Finland Valtteri Bottas
3th Netherlands Max Verstappen
Germany Mercedes
Germany Mercedes
Austria Red Bull

Driver Ranking


Driver Ranking Portimão Circuit

DriverGP  1st  2nd  3rd  Pod  Pole  FL  Avg GridAvg PosPoints
1United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton22002111.51.051
2Finland Valtteri Bottas20112111.52.534
3Netherlands Max Verstappen20112003.02.533
4Monaco Charles Leclerc20000006.05.020
5Mexico Sergio Pérez20000004.55.518
6France Pierre Gasly20000009.07.511
7United Kingdom Lando Norris20000007.59.010
8France Esteban Ocon20000008.57.510
9Spain Carlos Sainz Jr.20000006.08.58
10Spain Fernando Alonso100000013.08.04
11Australia Daniel Ricciardo200000013.09.04
12Germany Sebastian Vettel200000012.511.51
13Russian Federation Nikita Mazepin100000020.019.00
14Denmark Kevin Magnussen100000019.016.00
15Thailand Alexander Albon10000006.012.00
16Japan Yuki Tsunoda100000014.015.00
17Germany Mick Schumacher100000019.017.00
18France Romain Grosjean100000018.017.00
19Russian Federation Daniil Kvyat100000013.019.00
20Finland Kimi Räikkönen200000015.515.50
21United Kingdom George Russell200000012.515.00
22Italy Antonio Giovinazzi200000014.513.50
23Canada Lance Stroll200000014.517.00
24Canada Nicholas Latifi200000019.018.00

Team Ranking


Team Ranking Portimão Circuit

TeamGP  1st  2nd  3rd  Pod  Pole  FL  Avg GridAvg PosPoints
1Germany Mercedes22114221.51.885
2Austria Red Bull20112004.05.345
3Italy Ferrari20000008.07.821
4United Kingdom McLaren20000009.58.320
5Italy AlphaTauri200000011.312.311
6France Alpine10000009.57.510
7France Renault100000010.58.56
8United Kingdom Racing Point10000008.513.56
9United Kingdom Aston Martin100000013.513.50
10United Kingdom Williams200000015.816.50
11United States Haas200000019.017.30
12Switzerland Alfa Romeo200000015.014.50


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