Aug.18 - A respected correspondent has accused Lewis Hamilton of being the one who is politically dividing the Formula 1 drivers.

Throughout the 'corona calendar' races so far this year, the six-time world champion has been leading the Black Lives Matter-inspired moments of kneeling on the grid.

12 other drivers join Hamilton in kneeling, with others including Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen electing instead to remaining standing in their 'End Racism' t-shirts.

"They are just as much against racism as those who kneel," Peter Nygaard, a well-known journalist for the Danish newspaper BT, said.

"They have said that for different reasons they are expressing their opinion in a slightly different way.

"But because of that, the anti-racism demonstration has a slightly chaotic impression, as though there is a lack of solidarity among the drivers."

Nygaard says Hamilton's stories of the racism he has dealt with across the course of his life and career are "heartbreaking", and that using his status to fight racism is "commendable".

"One cannot question whether Hamilton's fight against racism is important," he said. "But one can discuss whether he is doing it in the right way.

"Hamilton has criticised the drivers who do not kneel, but solidarity works both ways. Why for example does Hamilton choose to wear a Black Lives Matter t-shirt?

"He knows now that the very connection with Black Lives Matter is one of the reasons why at least some of the drivers, like Kevin Magnussen, are not kneeling.

"It seems in many ways as if Hamilton has painted them into a corner - as if they are only doing something because he opened this important debate.

"But if he had contacted his colleagues before his announcement rather than criticise them, they would have backed him up. Instead, he chose to show up his fellow drivers, who are as much against racism as he is," Nygaard continued.

"Lewis Hamilton is an amazing racing driver who is on his way to breaking all the sport's records," he added. "He is the ideal front man for Formula 1's fight against racism.

"But he has not really understood the concept of solidarity."

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5 F1 Fan comments on “Journalist questions Hamilton's 'solidarity'

  1. Rupena

    I 100% agree with you. Further, he has not researched who is behind and funding the BLM movement, as if he did, I very much doubt that he would be publicly supporting them.

    • Oto Sitnai

      Who is funding BLM movement? It is not generally known. Why to hide it from the public? It seems like conspiracy and a shame for democratic civilization. If so, I am sorry for Hamilton to get drawn into it. By the way, it seems to have nothing with Marxism or China, rather to derail free democratic world, by whom?

  2. Mark Harris

    While the idea of ending racism is very much honorable, support of an organization bent on destruction of a nation's culture while not engaging in any action dedicated to black lives is despicable. BLM is a front for white, Marxist terrorists bent on furthering the causes of the radical left. If Lewis and F1 had any character they would divest themselves from this group and continue with the original goal of ending racism. The idea of kneeling for any nation's anthem is appalling and disrespectful.

    • John Mitchell

      Totally agree. Marxist connections must love it scum that they are. Am a great fan of Lewis but this is winding me down. There have been "other than white" drivers in F1 for years. Seems to be making mountains out of molehiils. Great for the Marxist moles.


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