May 21 - Carlos Sainz answered "apparently yes" when asked if Ferrari is really a threat to Mercedes and Red Bull at the top of the order this weekend in Monaco.

The Maranello team, which is only just emerging from its 2020 performance slump, dominated the second practice session at Monaco on Thursday.

"At the beginning of the week I texted Carlos and said 'you will win the race'," said McLaren driver Lando Norris, referring to his former teammate.

"I've always said that Ferrari is incredibly strong in the corners."

Indeed, Red Bull's Dr Helmut Marko bumped into Sainz - a former Red Bull junior - in the Monaco paddock after practice and said: "I hope you didn't have much fuel on board!"

Sainz replied: "You will find out on Saturday."

Charles Leclerc, quickest overall on Thursday, said he expects to fall back behind the top two teams in qualifying.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner agrees: "In our experience, Ferrari and Alfa Romeo always seem to be a little faster on the first day of practice."

Leclerc said: "It looks good right now - almost too good to be true."

Marko thinks Red Bull's Thursday struggles also flattered Ferrari's leading pace.

"Our opponents look very good and we look rather bad, so that makes the gap quite big," he said.

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5 F1 Fan comments on “Ferrari now quick enough to win race this weekend?

  1. Linda

    Hmm, wonder if Ferrari have got their illegal, behind closed doors settlement, engine fitted.....Thought I'd get the first conspiracy theory going, plus I'm in hospital & bored🤣

  2. ken vint

    oh get over the ferrari engine bs. when they had a better engine in 2019, the were punished for it. this year mercedes is saying the drag clearance rules are slanted against them. I've been a formula 1 fan for 60 years, thought the point was building a faster car for the best drivers.

    • shroppyfly

      couldnt agree more, was way better without all the Fia interference , how many other sports can we name with a cost cap for eg? you dont see football saying now you can only wear boots made of rat leather or a snooker cue must only be a certain length, just my opinion ofcourse


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