1955 F1 Teams & Drivers Overview

1955 F1 Teams & Drivers Overview

Stirling Moss Mercedes-Benz  W196R

1955 Formula 1 Entry List

Below you can find the overview of all drivers & teams that participated in the 1955 F1 season to run for the sixth Formula 1 title in the drivers championship.

You can click on each driver and team to check out their dedicated page with all the statistics about them.

Formula One 1955 F1 World Championship
1United States Jimmy BryanKuzmaOffenhauser
2Italy Nino FarinaFerrariFerrari
3United States Jack McGrathKurtis KraftOffenhauser
4Germany Hans HerrmannMercedesMercedes
4Italy Eugenio CastellottiFerrariFerrari
4United States Bill VukovichKurtis KraftOffenhauser
5United States Jimmy ReecePankratzOffenhauser
6United Kingdom Mike HawthornFerrariFerrari
6Belgium Paul FrèreFerrariFerrari
6United States Bob SweikertKurtis KraftOffenhauser
8United States Sam HanksKurtis KraftOffenhauser
8France Maurice TrintignantFerrariFerrari
8France André SimonMaseratiMaserati
10United States Tony BettenhausenKurtis KraftOffenhauser
10United States Paul RussoKurtis KraftOffenhauser
10Italy Luigi VilloresiFerrariFerrari
12United States Don FreelandPhillipsOffenhauser
12France Élie BayolGordiniGordini
12Italy Umberto MaglioliFerrariFerrari
12Argentina José Froilán GonzálezFerrariFerrari
14Italy Piero TaruffiMercedesMercedes
14United States Fred AgabashianKurtis KraftOffenhauser
15United States Jimmy DaviesKurtis KraftOffenhauser
16United States Johnnie ParsonsKurtis KraftOffenhauser
16United Kingdom Stirling MossMercedesMercedes
18Argentina Juan Manuel FangioMercedesMercedes
19United States Andy LindenKurtis KraftOffenhauser
20Germany Karl KlingMercedesMercedes
22United States Cal NidayKurtis KraftOffenhauser
22France Robert ManzonGordiniGordini
22Italy Sergio MantovaniMaseratiMaserati
22Brazil Hernando da Silva RamosGordiniGordini
23United States Jerry HoytStevensOffenhauser
24France Jean LucasGordiniGordini
24United Kingdom Ted WhiteawayHWMAlta
26Italy Alberto AscariLanciaLancia
26France Jacques PolletGordiniGordini
26Italy Cesare PerdisaMaseratiMaserati
26France Mike SparkenGordiniGordini
26Argentina Clemar BucciMaseratiMaserati
27United States Rodger WardKuzmaOffenhauser
28France Louis RosierMaseratiMaserati
28Argentina Roberto MieresMaseratiMaserati
29United States Pat O'ConnorKurtis KraftOffenhauser
30Uruguay Alberto UriaMaseratiMaserati
30Italy Luigi MussoMaseratiMaserati
30Belgium Johnny ClaesFerrariFerrari
31United States Keith AndrewsSchroederOffenhauser
32United Kingdom Kenneth McAlpineConnaughtAlta
32Monaco Louis ChironLanciaLancia
32United Kingdom Peter CollinsMaseratiMaserati
33United States Jim RathmannEpperlyOffenhauser
34United Kingdom Jack FairmanConnaughtAlta
34Argentina Carlos MenditeguyMaseratiMaserati
36United Kingdom Tony RoltConnaughtAlta
36France Jean BehraMaseratiMaserati
36United Kingdom Peter WalkerConnaughtAlta
37United States Eddie RussoPawlOffenhauser
38United Kingdom Leslie MarrConnaughtAlta
38United Kingdom Horace GouldMaseratiMaserati
39United States Johnny BoydKurtis KraftOffenhauser
40Argentina Pablo BirgerGordiniGordini
40Australia Jack BrabhamCooper-ClimaxBristol
40United States John FitchMaseratiMaserati
41United States Chuck WeyantKurtis KraftOffenhauser
42Argentina Jesús IglesiasGordiniGordini
42United States Al KellerKurtis KraftOffenhauser
42United States Harry SchellVanwallVanwall
44United Kingdom Roy SalvadoriMaseratiMaserati
44United Kingdom Ken WhartonVanwallVanwall
44United States Johnny ThomsonKuzmaOffenhauser
46Italy Luigi PiottiArzani-VolpiniMaserati
46United Kingdom Lance MacklinMaseratiMaserati
48United States Jimmy DaywaltKurtis KraftOffenhauser
49United States Ray CrawfordKurtis KraftOffenhauser
68United States Ed ElisianKurtis KraftOffenhauser
71United States Al HermanKurtis KraftOffenhauser
77United States Walt FaulknerKurtis KraftOffenhauser
77United States Bill HomeierKurtis KraftOffenhauser
81United States Shorty TemplemanTrevisOffenhauser
83United States Eddie JohnsonTrevisOffenhauser
89United States Pat FlahertyKurtis KraftOffenhauser
98United States Duane CarterKuzmaOffenhauser
99United States Art CrossKurtis KraftOffenhauser
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