The World Championship of Drivers, known today as Formula 1, is the pinnacle of motor racing. The Grand Prix racing formula has been officially around since 1950. In its 72-year history and after 1057 Grands Prix have been celebrated, there have been incredibly great F1 teams and brands that have performed well.

Apart from the ones that many fans know by heart in the current grid, such as Ferrari or McLaren, there have been unique teams that won multiple World Championships and have since disappeared, like the legendary Team Lotus and Brabham F1 team.

Which F1 team won the most titles?

So, when the question arises, and when it comes down to pure, unadulterated success, what is the best Formula 1 team? Fans of different teams might have their opinion and way to answer that one, but there are no doubts that the Scuderia Ferrari is the greatest team in Formula 1 history, as it has won 16 World Constructors' Championships and 15 World Drivers' Championships, both all-time records in F1 racing.

While the Italian outfit hasn't won a World Championship since 2008, when it won the WCC, and hasn't won a race since 2019, Ferrari remains the most successful team ever. Its most recent triumph in the World Drivers' Championship came in 2007 when Kimi Raikkonen defeated the McLarens of then-rookie Lewis Hamilton and then reigning World Champion Fernando Alonso.

The All-Time Constructor's Table

Ferrari still leads the all-time F1 constructors' table with 238 wins (23.1% of the races entered) and also has the most 1-2 finishes (84), podiums (590), consecutive podiums (53), Pole Positions (230), and has also entered 1031 of the 1057 races in Formula 1 history —the most for any team and 126 more than second-placed McLaren—.

The Scuderia Ferrari's most successful driver is Michael Schumacher, who won five World Drivers' Championships with the team between 2000 and 2004, and a staggering 72 Grands Prix, a record for most wins by a driver with the same team until Lewis Hamilton broke the record with Mercedes —82 wins so far—.

Behind Schumacher, Niki Lauda is the second-most successful driver in Ferrari history, with 15 Grand Prix wins and two World Drivers' Championship (1975 and 1977). Moreover, Alberto Ascari is the other multiple champion with Ferrari, as the Italian was the first superstar of the brand, with dominant titles in 1952 and 1952, which were won in Formula 2 machinery, but were still World Championships.

Ascari won 13 of his 30 races with Ferrari, and still ranks fourth in team history in terms of GP wins, with Sebastian Vettel third with 14 triumphs for the Maranello-based outfit.

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