As every Formula 1 fan probably knows by now, the sport is undergoing massive changes ahead of the 2022 season. New rules concerning car parts and even testing times are set to create a more competitive championship, although many pundits and fans aren’t holding their breath any time soon. Among the changes expected for this year are four tracks, namely Melbourne, Montreal, Suzuka, and Miami.

The first three are well-known to fans, while Miami brings a completely new circuit. Let’s look at those circuits and understand how they’re likely to affect the championship.

Firing At All Cylinders

There’s a lot of expectation about the new set of rules and circuits this season. After all, if all goes to plan it will turn out to be the longest season of F1 history, with 25 Grand Prix races. Sportsbooks around the world are already making their predictions for this season. You can find the best odds at Formula 1 Odds - Unibet.

Melbourne - Australia

Melbourne is one of the few street circuits in the season, along with Monaco and Saudi Arabia. It was created in 1953, only three years after the inauguration of the oldest F1 track, Silverstone (1950). The whole circuit is made of public streets and goes around Alberta Park Lake. Even so, there are plenty of opportunities and challenges for drivers. These include high-speed corners, close walls, and tricky chicanes.

Montreal - Canada

The Canadian Grand Prix bears the name of a national hero in the sport: Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve. The circuit is famous for its many chicanes, most notably the last one, which leads to the “Wall of Champions”. There’s a hairpin at the end of a long straight, inviting drivers to dive deep. The Grand Prix will happen in June when the weather is usually sunny and dry.

Suzuka - Japan

Honda gifted Suzuka to the world in 1962, although a Dutchman designed the track. Suzuka is one of the last tracks in the competition, and many championships were decided there. It’s the only circuit in the sport to have an eight-shape, at least, sort of. There are 18 corners, only two relevant straights, and plenty of opportunities for making mistakes. The different elevations and corners threaten drivers all along the circuit.

Miami - United States

The Miami International Autodrome is a completely new track in a country dominated by NASCAR. It’s a high-speed circuit, with cars reaching 320 km/h quite often. Located at the Hard Rock Stadium complex, it has three straights and 19 corners. Its design favours close racing, adding even more adrenaline to the mix. The Grand Prix will take place in October, usually a rainy month in The Magic City.

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