Jun.24 - Haas will not follow in the wheel-tracks of other Formula 1 teams by organising a pre-Austria test.

Mercedes, Renault and Racing Point have already hit the track in preparation for the first 'ghost races', AlphaTauri is currently in the garage at Imola and Red Bull intends to run at Silverstone on Thursday.

Ferrari, meanwhile, ran a two-year-old car for Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc at Mugello on Tuesday.

"It was great to get those feelings from a car once again and to do so at such a spectacular track. I really think Mugello deserves to host a grand prix," said Vettel.

However, Haas has no plans to run prior to Austria.

"I don't think our drivers need a lot of testing," team boss Gunther Steiner is quoted by Corriere dello Sport.

"It would certainly be nice for them, but for us, that's not a priority at the moment," he added.

It is almost certainly a pure financial decision, given that Williams, McLaren and Alfa Romeo are among the other teams opting against testing.

McLaren's drivers opted instead to drive Formula 3 cars run by the Carlin team last week.

"Maybe those who have tested will have a slight advantage, I won't deny it," Steiner said. "But it won't be huge.

"We have applied the new social distancing rules in our factory and so we are ready from that point of view.

"If you have the financial resources to do private tests then it is normal to do so, but I am calm, we are preparing as best we can and I am sure that we will give our best in Austria," he added.

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One F1 fan comment on “No pre-Austria test for Haas

  1. Jadra

    I am afraid that all this could spell the end of F1 as most teams are not financially sound. If they cannot do proper tests and invest into updates then they are not going to be scoring major points and they will just decide to cut their losses and depart the field.Perhaps Vettel can see this on the cards and he is then wise to retire sooner than later.


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