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5 Awesome (not) things about Formula 1's Epic (not) 2020 Season

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Opinionated owner and editor at Global Motorsport Media, an F1 media mainstay since 2001. Has been writing about the sport since before Max Verstappen was born.

5 Awesome (not) things about Formula 1's Epic (not) 2020 Season

As we all get neck-deep into this weirdest of weird years and most depressing of depressing Formula 1 seasons, something is blindingly..

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28 Oct 2020

More red meat for the lions...

In a parallel universe, today's Formula 1 column is about the freakishly terrifying robot fridges that delivered the trophies last Sunday..

16 Jul 2020

How racial politics could kill Formula 1

First, a warning. After a seven month black hole of real Formula 1 racing (note: Lando Norris in his undies at home doesn't count), you're..

26 Jun 2020

Why politics should be kept out of Formula 1

Just when you thought things couldn't get much worse than a deadly virus that killed every engine, another epidemic struck Formula 1 -..

9 Jun 2020

The 2 real reasons for Vettel's Ferrari split

We all know he loves the whine of an old V12 and hates the ping of an Instagram notification, but you really have to hand it to Sebastian..

14 May 2020

5 exciting moments of Coron-ula 1 2020

Oh dear - it wasn't supposed to be like this. Charles Leclerc should be driving another nail into Sebastian Vettel's career by now - not..

29 Apr 2020

F1 and coronavirus: What on earth happens next?

So ... this is where we are. Not a lot of point talking about normal Formula 1, because there is no Formula 1. Heck, there's no normal life..

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15 Apr 2020

Should we really blame Chase Carey for coronavirus?

So just the other day, when F1 and the FIA and the Victorian government locked thousands of similarly furious fans outside the Albert Park..

16 Mar 2020

Ranking: My top 9 Sky (and F1) broadcasters

As coronavirus and the associated and disproportionate hysteria grabs Formula 1 (and the world) by the you-know-whats, it's worth having a..

10 Mar 2020

Red Bull launches the Holy Trinity of F1 marketing

As far as winter pre-seasons go, I'm giving Renault a big fat zero out of ten. We've all seen and heard almost nothing from them, were..

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18 Feb 2020

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