Red Bull boss Christian Horner has claimed that their woeful 2015 season has created a tight bond within the team.

The former world champions struggled under Renault power and found themselves scrapping for the lower points.

However, despite it being a tumultuous year, the boss expects things to improve in 2016.

"To be honest with you, it has been a tough year – but adversity sometimes brings a group closer together," he said.

"I feel the team is tighter and closer than it has ever been, so actually from a team perspective I don't think it has been a bad year.

"We have been very strong on strategy. Our pitstops have been the best in the pitlane.

"We have out-developed others chassis wise, and we grabbed the three opportunities that might be available to us in Monaco, Hungary and Singapore. On two out of the three we got on second step of podium.

"As a team beneath it, when you drill down and look at how we have performed, we have done a very strong job.

"Certain things beyond our responsibility we cannot control, but you can only worry about the things that you can control."

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