Dec.23 - Dr Helmut Marko has defended Red Bull's notorious driver development program - even though outsider Sergio Perez is replacing Alex Albon for 2021.

It's only a one-year deal for the experienced and on-form Mexican Perez, leaving the door open for Albon or another young driver to race in 2022 after what Marko described as an "up and down" year for the British-born Thai.

"It's not always possible to ensure a seamless supply of talent for Formula 1," Marko told Servus TV.

"But if the others had such a track record such as ours with their own young drivers, I think they would be very satisfied," he added.

"Even the drivers who did not go to Formula 1 with us still earn their money with racing today - in other words, doing exactly the job they love," said Marko.

The 77-year-old Austrian also revealed that Perez's one-year deal leaves the door open for a Red Bull driver to return to the cockpit in 2022.

"If a young driver really matters to us, we have the option for 2022 again," said Marko. "With Yuki Tsunoda we have brought another Japanese into Formula 1 after many years and he is super fast.

"We also have an Estonian and an Indian and absolutely good drivers further down from all kinds of nations."

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2 F1 Fan comments on “Red Bull defends driver program after Albon exit

  1. AndrewM

    Marko is well past his use by date and should be shown the door! This man has for many years created more division in the team than anyone else along pit lane. I think he achieved his doctorate in how to create confusion and discontent. Marko is excess baggage, and must be replaced by Christian Horner ~ at least Horner has credibility, which is absent in Marko.


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