Feb.19 - F1 should not be trying to turn up the volume of its 'power units'.

Ever since the hybrid era began in 2014, fans have lamented the new sound and the sport's authorities have vowed to rev it up for the future.

But Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul said quiet engines are simply a sign of the power units' incredible efficiency.

"The exhaust sound is energy," the Frenchman told Canadian radio Rive-Sud de Montreal.

"If we begin to convert more energy into sound, then we will not achieve a good result in terms of energy efficiency.

"A loud sound from the engine and the economy of the engine are two conflicting goals," Abiteboul added.

He said a better approach would be to wait for the next generation of F1 fans to better appreciate energy efficiency.

"A generation of fans who have never heard V10 or V8 engines will soon grow up, and for them quiet engines will be the norm," he said.

"Perhaps formula one moved from one stage to the next too quickly and today is somewhat ahead of its time."

We sure miss the beautiful sound of the V12's and V10's. Just listen to this sample...

Racing F1 Ferrari 412T1 V12

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5 F1 Fan comments on “Abiteboul: F1 should not turn up engine volume

  1. Michael R.

    I also think there is to much complaining about the noise of the pu . I have been following F1 since the early nineties so I've heard the louder and bigger engines. Maybe my generation is hard of hearing due to to much heavy metal over the years.

  2. Edward

    Quite contemplation whilst appreciating energy efficiency?

    No. These devils have taken away the thing that I loved - my favourite noise - that of a shrieking F1 engine.

    I loath them for it, and always will.

  3. angelo serruto

    i have stopped going to the F1 since the the change.
    the beautiful high piched sound was a huge part of the appeal of that race

    now it’s like going to an AC/DC concert and tuning down the lolume to 2

    the greenies have destroyed this amazing event ...which is evident iby the low ticket sales of what was an amazing spectical

    i am sadley one of ten that i know of that has boycotted this...i’m sure there are thousands of fans that feel the same

  4. John

    Sure Abitfoul! We just scrap the most beautiful thing in F1 for saving a few litres of fuel and just keep on flying around the world with 24 Boeing 747's which consume 200.000 tons of fuel each per flight, to fill up your pockets...


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