The British Grand Prix is facing a bleak future with high costs pricing Silverstone out of hosting it beyond 20189, according to president Derek Warwick.

The famous circuit has a contract through to 2026 with a break clause inserted from 2019, which can be exercised by the track or Bernie Ecclestone.

And Warwick warned the clause will be activated if the cost of hosting F1 does not come down.

"We're looking at where we are going to be in 2019, whether or not we still want the grand prix, and whether we can push Silverstone forward without the grand prix," Warwick told Autosport.

"At the end of the day, if you can't afford it, you can't afford it.

"We've supported the British Grand Prix now for many years without any kind of third party support or government support.

"We've spent over £50million building the Wing, changing the circuit, and doing everything Bernie wanted in order to secure the grand prix.

"But now we are in a situation where the escalator [clause] has become too expensive for us."

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