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Ericsson hopes for regular points

Marcus Ericsson has challenged his Sauber team to fight for points throughout the season at the launch of the team’s new car. The Swiss..

29 Feb 2016

Boullier: ‘McLaren behind Mercedes, Ferrari’

Eric Boullier has confirmed that McLaren are still trailing Mercedes and Ferrari ahead of the 2016 season. Hopes were high for the British..

29 Feb 2016

Sauber C35-Ferrari - Fire Up - Sauber F1 Team

Read all about the Sauber C35-Ferrari on website now: http://www.sauberf1team.com/ We fired our 2016 race car up for the first time over..

29 Feb 2016

F1 Paintshop | Behind the scenes

McLaren Racing’s paintshop is comprised of 14 skilled technicians – a team that is not only required to produce flawless work 100 per..

29 Feb 2016

'Flop' qualifying shakeup may not happen

Feb.29 - F1's new 'musical chairs' qualifying format may not happen at all in 2016. Earlier, the changes touted to mix up the grid were..

29 Feb 2016

Ricciardo not ruling out more Ferrari rumours

Feb.29 - Daniel Ricciardo is still refusing to rule himself out of the running for a future switch to Ferrari. Earlier, the Australian..

29 Feb 2016

Rosberg: 2016 to be Mercedes versus Ferrari

Feb.29 - Ahead of the final week of pre-season testing, it seems Mercedes and Ferrari are still ahead of the pack in 2016. Finishing third..

29 Feb 2016

Lopez: Renault to get started on 2017 car

Feb.29 - Renault is likely to start work almost immediately on its car for 2017. Last week, acknowledging that the 2016 machine is a..

29 Feb 2016

Mallya insists he is not losing Force India

Feb.29 - Vijay Mallya has hit back at speculation his involvement in the F1 team Force India is coming to an end. Last week, after a long..

29 Feb 2016

Magnussen: Renault 'happier' team than McLaren

Feb.29 - Renault is a "happier" team than McLaren-Honda, even though they may be fighting over the same piece of track in 2016. That is the..

29 Feb 2016

V8 Supercars threatens to quit Aus GP weekend

Feb.29 - The premier Australian motor racing series is threatening to quit the country's annual grand prix weekend. V8 Supercars, the..

29 Feb 2016

Palmer accepts Renault lack power

Jolyon Palmer has admitted that his Renault engine is not as powerful as Mercedes and they will start the season on the back foot. The..

28 Feb 2016

Horner: ‘New qualifying not much different’

Christian Horner has vowed that all the F1 teams will quickly get used to the new qualifying format, when it is introduced in Spain. From..

28 Feb 2016

Bottas happy with ‘improved’ Williams

Valtteri Bottas has praised the Williams design team for improving last year's car ahead of the new season. The British team are notorious..

28 Feb 2016

Ryan: 'McLaren are sleeping'

New Manor racing director Dave Ryan has backed McLaren to return to the front of the gird within the new few years. The British team..

28 Feb 2016

Manager says Haryanto confirmed for 'full season'

Feb.27 - Rio Haryanto's manager has clarified reports the Indonesian rookie might not complete the entire 2016 season. We reported this..

28 Feb 2016

No 'musical chairs' qualifying in Melbourne

Feb.27 - F1's new 'musical chairs' qualifying format has hit a roadblock. Bernie Ecclestone told F1 business journalist Christian Sylt that..

28 Feb 2016

New F1 qualifying delayed until Spain

The new qualifying system that is being incorporated this season has been delayed until the Spanish Grand Prix, according to Bernie..

27 Feb 2016

Nasr backs Haas to make fast F1 start

Felipe Nasr has predicted that the new Haas F1 team will hit the ground running this season. The American outfit made an impressive debut..

27 Feb 2016

Haryanto eager to learn from mistakes

Rio Haryanto has told Manor that he is becoming more confident in the car ahead of his debut F1 season. The 23-year-old will be the first..

27 Feb 2016

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