2018 F1 calendar

Alonso not worried about missing Indy 500

May 10 – Fernando Alonso says he doesn’t have time in his busy 2018 schedule to worry about missing the Indy 500. Last year,..

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10 May 2018

Perez says Alonso’s 2018 schedule ‘impossible’

Mar.6 – Sergio Pérez thinks Fernando Alonso‘s racing schedule this year is nigh on “impossible” to manage. Alonso,..

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6 Mar 2018

Monza boss admits Italy GP future in doubt

Jan.22 – Monza boss Angelo Sticchi Damiani has admitted the future of the Italian grand prix is not secure for the future. After a..

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22 Jan 2018

Bratches: F1 close to new China GP deal

Aug.23 – F1 is closing in on a deal to keep the sport in China. Earlier, a provisional calendar for 2018 listed both the Shanghai..

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23 Aug 2017

Russia GP date change due to World Cup

Jun.21 – Next year’s football World Cup is one reason organisers of the Russian grand prix pushed for a date change for 2018...

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21 Jun 2017

Carey plays down 2018 ‘triple header’

Jun.21 – Chase Carey has played down the ‘triple header’ that will take place in F1 next year. On the bustling 21-race..

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21 Jun 2017

Carey ‘proud’ to revive European F1 races

Jun.20 – F1 chiefs say they are proud to be bringing two traditional European races back to the sport’s 2018 F1 calendar. After..

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20 Jun 2017

Paul Ricard set for mid-year 2018 date

Jun.7 – Paul Ricard is heading for a mid-year race date for the return of the French grand prix next years 2018 F1 calendar. That is..

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7 Jun 2017

Monaco to build new F1 pits for 2018

Jun.5 – Monaco will build a new pitlane and paddock complex at a cost of EUR 30 million ahead of the 2018 race. That is the exclusive..

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5 Jun 2017

Russia wants later race date in 2018

Jun.5 – Russia will press to have its round of the 2018 world championship pushed back by several months. Having staged an early..

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5 Jun 2017
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