Event: Canadian F1 Grand Prix
Track: Gilles Villeneuve circuit

Results Second Free Practice 2022 Canadian F1 Grand Prix

Charles Leclerc driving the Ferrari F1-75 during practice for the 2022 Canadian F1 GP

Weather: dry  26.7°C
Tarmac: dry  43.2°C
Humidity: 35%
Wind: 2.4 m/s NW
Pressure: 995.2 bar

Both Alfa Romeo cars drove out as first to kick off the second practice session for this weekend's 2022 Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix. Both Red Bulls and almost all other driver did go out right after the green light. Red Bull driver Max Verstappen continued where he left FP1 and his first lap time straight out the box on a set of mediums was a 1:15.618 min which was quickest right away.

One lap later and eight minutes into the session he clocked a 1:15.096 min, which was already 0.579s faster than Charles Leclerc in the Ferrari who was second quickest. Fernando Alonso again was third quickest just like he was in first practice. But this second session he was +1.046s slower than Verstappen. The big difference is that Verstappen was still using the medium tyres, while Alonso and Leclerc were on soft tyres.

Up till then Valtteri Bottas (Alfa Romeo) and Lewis Hamilton had not recorded a lap time on the timesheet. It took Hamilton fifteen minutes before he clocked the sixth lap time on a set of medium tyres. His Mercedes showed a lot less porpoising than previous events. Bottas was still waiting in the back of the Alfa Romeo garage on his mechanics to fix an issue on his car. With 37 minutes to go a virtual safety car was needed to pick up a small can from the track. Bottas did went out now, but experienced anti-stall under braking and had to go back to his pit box again to have the problem fixed.

Halfway the session Verstappen was lapping the track on a set of soft tyres and showed he is a force to recon with this weekend. The Dutchman was 0.7s faster over one lap than his title rival Charles Leclerc in the Ferrari who was also driving on the soft tyre compound.

On the onboard of Leclerc and Sainz we could see that the amount of porpoising on Sainz's car was a lot more worse than Leclerc was coping with on the main stragiht.

The predicted rain still wasn't seen the whole session yet. Nevertheless dark clouds were gathering around the Canadian track. Sebastian Vettel had a good run in the Aston Martin and was 4th quickest with 20 minutes to go. The German had to return back when something came loose in his cockpit to have a look at in the garage. At the same time Leclerc had improved to be only +0.081s slower than Verstappen who still was on P1.

Sainz now was 3rd (+0.225s), Alonso was 5th on +0.416s, Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri) was 6th on +0.752s, George Russell (Mercedes) was 7th on +0.844s, Lando Norris (McLaren) was on P8 on +0.860s, Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren) was 9th on +0.906s and Esteban Ocon (Alpine) was on +0.992s.

In the end Bottas' technical problem wasn't solved in time for him. The Finish driver didn't set a lap time and only drove three laps this session. Hamilton wasn't happy with his car either and told his Mercedes team on the radio that his car was now undrivable and came back into the pits early.

Last time in 2019 the quickest lap time of FP2 was a 1:12,177 min was driven by Charles Leclerc in a Ferrari.

FP2 Times Table 2022 Canadian GP

PNoDriverTeamTime1st GapLapsTyres
11Max VerstappenRed Bull1:14,12732S
216Charles LeclercFerrari1:14,208+0,081s31S
355Carlos SainzFerrari1:14,352+0,225s31S
45Sebastian VettelAston Martin1:14,442+0,315s34S
514Fernando AlonsoAlpine1:14,543+0,416s24S
610Pierre GaslyAlphaTauri1:14,879+0,752s33S
763George RussellMercedes1:14,971+0,844s30S
84Lando NorrisMcLaren1:14,987+0,860s30S
93Daniel RicciardoMcLaren1:15,033+0,906s30S
1031Esteban OconAlpine1:15,119+0,992s31S
1111Sergio PérezRed Bull1:15,167+1,040s28S
1218Lance StrollAston Martin1:15,396+1,269s33S
1344Lewis HamiltonMercedes1:15,421+1,294s24S
1420Kevin MagnussenHaas1:15,499+1,372s33S
1547Mick SchumacherHaas1:15,516+1,389s34S
1624Zhou GuanyuAlfa Romeo1:15,526+1,399s30S
1722Yuki TsunodaAlphaTauri1:15,567+1,440s37S
1823Alexander AlbonWilliams1:16,171+2,044s29S
196Nicholas LatifiWilliams1:16,509+2,382s27S
2077Valtteri BottasAlfa Romeono time-3S

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    looks a close field, Alonso continues to perform well ,AM has woken up to, Msj close to kmag , will he finally outqualify him? GR class again driving well not whining either. and woefull AGAIN you know who


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