Event: Australian Grand Prix
Track: Albert Park Circuit

Weather: dry 18.5°C
Tarmac: dry  32.5°C
Humidity: 54%
Wind: 5.7 km/h South

Max Verstappen qualified as quickest for the 35th time in his F1 career and scored his second pole position for tomorrow's 38th Australian Grand Prix. It was his third pole of the season and the 98th pole in total for Red Bull Racing.

In a thrilling qualifying session for the 2024 Australian Grand Prix, the drama unfolded under Melbourne's Albert Park's skies, where strategies and performances painted the narrative of what promises to be an electrifying race.

Q1: A Tale of Surprises and Disappointments

The session commenced with urgency as drivers sought to lay down their mark. Early exits for Alpine showed the team's continuous struggle to break into the more competitive segments of the grid. Notably, the session saw the elimination of Nico Hulkenberg (Haas), Pierre Gasly (Alpine), Daniel Ricciardo in the Red Bull, Guanyu Zhou (Kick Sauber), and a surprising twist for Kevin Magnussen, whose Haas couldn't find the pace.

A shock came when Daniel Ricciardo, racing at home, found his lap time deleted, pushing him down to P18 and out of the session. The spectacle was not without its casualties; Zhou experienced a perplexing incident, damaging his front wing after an aggressive kerb encounter, leaving him to ponder what might have been.

Q2: The Battle Intensifies

As the field narrowed, the intensity of the competition soared. Lewis Hamilton, an eight-time pole sitter at Albert Park, faced an unexpected exit in Q2, alongside Alex Albon, Valtteri Bottas (Kick Sauber), Kevin Magnussen (Haas), and Esteban Ocon (Alpine). Hamilton's disappointment was palpable, marking a significant setback for Mercedes, which struggled despite apparent progress in overcoming setup challenges.

Yuki Tsunoda's advancement to Q3 underscored a commendable effort, placing ninth and demonstrating RB's potential to challenge the front-runners. However, it was Lance Stroll's performance that captured attention, as he leapt into the top 10 in the dying moments, eliminating Hamilton in a dramatic turn of events.

Q3: The Final Showdown

Q3 was a masterclass in precision and strategy, setting the stage for Sunday's race. Max Verstappen, the man of the moment, secured pole position, edging out Carlos Sainz with a remarkable lap that left the Ferrari driver in second, an impressive feat considering his recent recovery from appendicitis surgery.

The Red Bull driver's dominance was evident as he carved out a significant gap over the competition, laying down a gauntlet for the race. Ferrari's hopes rested on Sainz, who showed no signs of his recent surgery slowing him down, and Charles Leclerc, who, despite a mistake that saw him abandon his lap, qualified in a solid fifth position.

Sergio Perez, despite a less-than-ideal first sector and a three place penalty, managed to secure a sixth-place start, hinting at a strategic battle with an emphasis on tyre degradation. Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri's performances underscored their potential impact, qualifying in commendable positions and setting up a narrative of resilience and determination.

The fastest sectors driven during Q3 were:

  • Sector 1: 26.222 sec by Carlos Sainz (Ferrari SF-24)
  • Sector 2: 17.289 sec by Sergio Pérez (Red Bull RB20)
  • Sector 3: 32.338 sec by Max Verstappen (Red Bull RB20)

Looking Ahead

The qualifying session at Albert Park has set the stage for a race filled with strategic battles, personal duels, and the relentless pursuit of victory. With tyre degradation expected to play a significant role and several drivers eyeing redemption, the stage is set for a spectacle of speed and strategy.

As the lights go out tomorrow, all eyes will be on Verstappen, seeking a third consecutive victory. However, with the likes of Sainz, Perez, and the ever-impressive midfield contenders lining up behind, the race promises to be anything but predictable.

The pole position time of last season in Melbourne was a 1:16,732 min driven by Max Verstappen in the Red Bull RB19.

Quali Times 2024 Australian GP

Pos No Driver Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Laps
1 1 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:16.819 1:16.387 1:15.915 21
2 55 Carlos Sainz Ferrari 1:16.731 1:16.189 1:16.185 18
3 11 Sergio Pérez Red Bull 1:16.805 1:16.631 1:16.274 22
4 4 Lando Norris McLaren 1:17.430 1:16.750 1:16.315 19
5 16 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 1:16.984 1:16.304 1:16.435 20
6 81 Oscar Piastri McLaren 1:17.369 1:16.601 1:16.572 18
7 63 George Russell Mercedes 1:17.062 1:16.901 1:16.724 23
8 22 Yuki Tsunoda Racing Bulls 1:17.356 1:16.791 1:16.788 18
9 18 Lance Stroll Aston Martin 1:17.376 1:16.780 1:17.072 23
10 14 Fernando Alonso Aston Martin 1:16.991 1:16.710 1:17.552 21
11 44 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:17.499 1:16.960 15
12 23 Alex Albon Williams 1:17.130 1:17.167 15
13 77 Valtteri Bottas Sauber 1:17.543 1:17.340 15
14 20 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:17.709 1:17.427 13
15 31 Esteban Ocon Alpine 1:17.617 1:17.697 21
16 27 Nico Hülkenberg Haas 1:17.976 8
17 10 Pierre Gasly Alpine 1:17.982 11
18 3 Daniel Ricciardo Racing Bulls 1:18.085 6
19 24 Zhou Guanyu Sauber 1:18.188 9
NC 2 Logan Sargeant Williams 0

Penalty: Sergio Pérez, Red Bull RB20 #11 - 3 places grid penalty for impeding Nico Hulkenberg in Q1.

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4 F1 Fan comments on “F1 Qualifying Results 2024 Australian Grand Prix

  1. Jere Jyrälä

    I'm simply baffled about Ricciardo's struggle to get his act together.
    Embarrassing for such an experienced driver & at the current rate, I'd be unsurprised if he got given 3-5 more GPs to improve before getting replaced by Lawson.
    Mercedes & particularly Hamilton's struggles this weekend are less surprising but somewhat weird, nevertheless.
    A good comeback by Sainz.

  2. Cutting Corners

    Parade lap at the end of this race. Say goodbye to fans. Leet Lawson or whoever have virtually a full year.
    Ricciardo can have 3rd driver at the main team or ride off into the subset
    Sad about a fellow countryman, but it's nothing personal, just business.

  3. Cutting Corners

    Parade lap at the end of this race. Say goodbye to fans. Leet Lawson or whoever have virtually a full year.
    Ricciardo can have 3rd driver at the main team or ride off into the subset
    Sad about a fellow countryman, but it's nothing personal, just business.

  4. shroppyfly

    hes raced for Hrt, Tr, Rb, Renault,Mcl and now Racing bulls, only really shone at Rb, i think they'll give him a few more races but if by then hes not smashing Yuki , hes toast, I did say this when he was announced that hed have to muller Yuki Immediately , hes lost faith in himself , a bit like the Dame. hell walk away with 30/40 Million and join Gunther making a comedy Duo . as CC says thats business .


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