Event: Brazilian Sao Paulo Grand Prix
Track: Autodromo Interlagos

F1 Qualifying Results 2022 Sao Paulo F1 Sprint

Lewis Hamilton & George Russell driving out the pits in the Mercedes W13

Weather: dry 19.1°C
Tarmac: wet  50.8°C
Humidity: 94%
Wind: 1.7 m/s SW
Pressure: 924 bar

Kevin Magnussen scored his maiden F1 pole position today. The Haas driver will start from P1 for tomorrow's Sprint race that will sort out the grid for Sunday's Sao Paulo Grand Prix. It was also the first pole for the Haas F1 team.

Q1 session

The first quali session started with a damp track. There was no rain, but the rain radar showed showers seemed to come 12 minutes down the road. All cars were fitted with wet weather intermediate tyres. Fernando Alonso was quickest after every driver had done their first run with a 1:18.412 min.

Later on Red Bull driver Max Verstappen improved to P1. With 8 minutes to go Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton even went quicker. AlphaTauri driver PIerre Gasly was the first to switch to Soft slick tyres and improved to P1. After that all drivers went in to

With 5 minutes to go the drivers in the drop zone were Lance Stroll (Aston Martin), Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin), Valtteri Bottas (Alfa Romeo), Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren) and Kevin Magnussen (Haas).

The rain didn't come and the track became quicker by the second, the lap times tumbled down to a 1:13.106 min set by McLaren driver Lando Norris.

Q2 session

After the first run of all drivers in this second quali session the fastest driver was Norris again. He set a 1:11.571 min. Verstappen was second and Gasly was third until Alonso had great tow and moved up to P1 with a 1:11.394 min.

With 8 minutes to go the rain started to fall and Verstappen improved to P1. It looked like the Mercedes drivers would not get out of the dropzone now it rained, but the rain was still drizzling and Russell and Hamilton could just get in a the last quick laps in to make it into the top 10.

All cars still were fitted with dry weather slick tyres. The drivers who had to improve to get in to Q3 were Esteban Ocon (Alpine), Alex Albon (Williams), Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin), Daniel Ricciardo (Mclaren) and Lance Stroll (Aston Martin).

Only Ocon was able to improve enough to get into Q3 and pushed out Gasly.

Q3 session

At the start of the session all cars except Leclerc were fitted with slick soft tyres. The Ferrari driver was the only one who was on intermediates and had to come in after his first lap. After the first run Haas driver was Kevin Magnussen was fastest with a 1:11.674.

With 8:10 min the session was red flagged because he had beached the Mercedes W13 at turn 4. During the wait for the recovery of the Mercedes it started to rain around Interlagos.

Sergio Pérez got unlucky and had to drive behind Leclerc in his first lap and was on P9 because of that. He was the only driver who tried to improve on intermediate tyres, but didn't even finish his lap.

It was the first time for Kevin Magnussen and the Haas F1 team to score a pole position.

Last year Verstappen also scored pole for Red Bull for the Sao Paulo GP, he then did it with a 1:07,934 min.

Quali Times 2022 Sao Paulo Sprint

120Kevin MagnussenHaas1:13.9541:11.4101:11.67426
21Max VerstappenRed Bull1:13.6251:10.8811:11.87723
363George RussellMercedes1:14.4271:11.3181:12.05924
44Lando NorrisMcLaren1:13.1061:11.3771:12.26325
555Carlos SainzFerrari1:14.6801:10.8901:12.35724
631Esteban OconAlpine1:14.6631:11.5871:12.42522
714Fernando AlonsoAlpine1:13.5421:11.3941:12.50421
844Lewis HamiltonMercedes1:13.4031:11.5391:12.61125
911Sergio PérezRed Bull1:13.6131:11.4561:15.60126
1016Charles LeclercFerrari1:14.4861:10.950no time25
1123Alexander AlbonWilliams1:14.3241:11.63121
1210Pierre GaslyAlphaTauri1:14.3711:11.67524
135Sebastian VettelAston Martin1:13.5971:11.67823
143Daniel RicciardoMcLaren1:14.9311:12.14021
1518Lance StrollAston Martin1:14.3981:12.21024
166Nicholas LatifiWilliams1:15.09513
1724Zhou GuanyuAlfa Romeo1:15.19712
1877Valtteri BottasAlfa Romeo1:15.48613
1922Yuki TsunodaAlphaTauri1:16.26412
2047Mick SchumacherHaas1:16.36112

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6 F1 Fan comments on “F1 Qualifying Results 2022 Sao Paulo F1 Sprint

  1. shroppyfly

    Just when it couldnt from the outside seem to get any worse for Jnr, It does... still Charlie boy was a happy bunny again at Ferrari strategy lol, and King G can still beat the Dame ( by over half a second) after beaching his motor

  2. Jenson's button

    Not sure how long KMag can hold on to that, but it's nice to see. Funny thing is I was thinking it would be wild if both him and Mick could get front row any kind of way. One got the front; one got the back.


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