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Lap times 2nd practice 2018 Australian F1 Grand Prix

Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia Wednesday 21 March 2018.

Finish straight Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia

F1 Racing event: Australian Grand Prix
F1 Circuit: Albert Park Circuit

Weather: 29,4°C dry & sunny
Tarmac: 44,7°C dry

After being quickest in the first practice for the Australian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton also set the quickest lap time in the 2nd practice with his Mercedes W09.

The English drivers was only just over a tent quicker on 1 lap than Dutchman Max Verstappen in the Red Bull RB14. Verstappen was even quickest in the first part of the session.

The weather was perfect to get some nice warm slicks with a tarmac temperature of over 44 degrees Celsius.

All teams were doing long run simulations to get some decent data for Sundays race when all teams got interrupted. With still 41 minutes on the clock to go, the session got red flagged because of a cable that hat to be fixed on the finish straight.

We saw a also a few incidents with cars that had to avoid a collision, because other drivers didn't saw their colleague and had to go of the track.

In the long runs the top 3 teams Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull drove lap times that showed a close competition. Both Mercedes drove lap times in a high 1:28 min and Verstappen could drive low 1:29's. The Dutch Red Bull driver even could go faster than the Mercedes drivers at the end of the 2nd practice session.

Haas showed that they made big progression again and looks to be the fastest team behind the top 3 teams.

2nd practice results 2018 Australian GP

PosNoDriverTeamLap Time1st GapLaps
144Lewis HamiltonMercedes1:23,93135
233Max VerstappenRed Bull1:24,0580,12734
377Valtteri BottasMercedes1:24,1590,22834
47Kimi RäikkönenFerrari1:24,2140,28339
55Sebastian VettelFerrari1:24,4510,52038
68Romain GrosjeanHaas F1 Team1:24,6480,71734
73Daniel RicciardoRed Bull1:24,7210,79028
814Fernando AlonsoMcLaren1:25,2001,26928
920Kevin MagnussenHaas F1 Team1:25,2461,31530
102Stoffel VandoorneMcLaren1:25,2851,35434
1155Carlos Sainz Jr.Renault1:25,3901,45935
1211Sergio PérezForce India1:25,4131,48230
1327Nico HülkenbergRenault1:25,4631,53235
1418Lance StrollWilliams1:25,5431,61232
1531Esteban OconForce India1:25,8881,95733
1628Brendon HartleyToro Rosso1:25,9251,99441
1710Pierre GaslyToro Rosso1:25,9452,01439
1835Sergey SirotkinWilliams1:25,9742,04337
199Marcus EricssonSauber1:26,8142,88331
2016Charles LeclercSauber1:26,8152,88435

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