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Jules Bianchi

NameJules Bianchi
CountryFrance France
Place of BirthNice
Date of BirthAug 3rd 1989 - 28 years old
First RaceMar 24th 2013 Malaysian F1 GP result
Last RaceOct 5th 2014 Japanese F1 GP result
Best Qualifying12th - Jul 6th 2014 British F1 GP result
Best Result9th - May 25th 2014 Monaco F1 GP result

Jules Bianchi F1 statistics

Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps0


Jules Bianchi Biography

Jules Bianchi Marussia MR02

Jules Bianchi Marussia MR02

Before his harrowing crash at the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix, Jules Bianchi was on his way to the very top of Formula 1. The 25 year-old drove for two years at Marussia, but his affiliation with Ferrari made an eventual move to Italy inevitable.

It is unknown whether Bianchi will sufficiently recover from his crash at Suzuka to continue his career, but what is important is that he focuses on getting better first. Racing can wait.

However, the sadness around the Formula 1 paddock is not only because of what happened, but also because it may have ended a career of a driver who was destined for great things. That was obvious from his first day in the sport.

Bianchi made his debut in 2013 after grabbing the last seat on the grid, just a matter of weeks before the new season began. After being hotly tipped to sign for Force India alongside Paul di Resta he narrowly missed out to Adrian Sutil.

However, a late reprieve came in the shape of Marussia who, having seemed to have confirmed their driver line-up, terminated the contract of Luis Razia, who had only signed a few weeks before.

That year, he regularly outshone his team-mate Max Chilton. The Englishman is no slouch but the Frenchman was, at times, nearly two seconds a lap quicker. Even in a slow car like Marussia, that is almost unheard of.

Jules Bianchi

Jules Bianchi

His talent was instantly recognisable and backed up a stellar junior, including back-to-back third placed finishes in GP2, and a Formula Three Euroseries title.

In 2014, he only got better and he scored Marussia’s first ever points with a brilliant drive in Monaco to come ninth. After impressing Ferrari at a mid-season test at Silverstone, rumours began to circulate that he could be driving for the Prancing Horse as early as 2015.

But in a wet Japan, Bianchi skidded off the track and collided with a recovery vehicle. He suffered severe head injuries and was rushed to a local hospital where he remained unconscious for weeks. After two months, he was transferred to his native France where he will continue his recovery.

Championship Results

Jules Bianchi F1 Championship Results

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
2014 United Kingdom Manor Ferrari150000075900.132
2013 United Kingdom Manor Cosworth1900000100500.000

Race Results

Jules Bianchia F1 GP Race Results

3420142014 Japanese F1 GP result17ManorFerrari20Ret0
3320142014 Singapore F1 GP result17ManorFerrari19160
3220142014 Italian F1 GP result17ManorFerrari20180
3120142014 Belgian F1 GP result17ManorFerrari1618gearbox0
3020142014 Hungarian F1 GP result17ManorFerrari15150
2920142014 German F1 GP result17ManorFerrari17150
2820142014 British F1 GP result17ManorFerrari12140
2720142014 Austrian F1 GP result17ManorFerrari18150
2620142014 Canadian F1 GP result17ManorFerrari19RetAccident0
2520142014 Monaco F1 GP result17ManorFerrari2192
2420142014 Spanish F1 GP result17ManorFerrari18180
2320142014 Chinese F1 GP result17ManorFerrari19170
2220142014 Bahrain F1 GP result17ManorFerrari19160
2120142014 Malaysian F1 GP result17ManorFerrari19RetAccident0
2020142014 Australian F1 GP result17ManorFerrari18NC0
1920132013 Brazilian F1 GP result22ManorCosworth21170
1820132013 United States F1 GP result22ManorCosworth19180
1720132013 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result22ManorCosworth21200
1620132013 Indian F1 GP result22ManorCosworth19180
1520132013 Japanese F1 GP result22ManorCosworth21Retcollision0
1420132013 Korean F1 GP result22ManorCosworth22160
1320132013 Singapore F1 GP result22ManorCosworth21180
1220132013 Italian F1 GP result22ManorCosworth21190
1120132013 Belgian F1 GP result22ManorCosworth15180
1020132013 Hungarian F1 GP result22ManorCosworth21160
920132013 German F1 GP result22ManorCosworth19RetBlown Engine0
820132013 British F1 GP result22ManorCosworth19160
720132013 Canadian F1 GP result22ManorCosworth19170
620132013 Monaco F1 GP result22ManorCosworth20Retbrake failure0
520132013 Spanish F1 GP result22ManorCosworth20180
420132013 Bahrain F1 GP result22ManorCosworth19190
320132013 Chinese F1 GP result22ManorCosworth18150
220132013 Australian F1 GP result22ManorCosworth19150
120132013 Malaysian F1 GP result22ManorCosworth19130

Teammate Comparison

Jules Bianchi Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
2013ManorMax Chilton1314000000145163
2014ManorMax Chilton91320000096114

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