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Max Chilton

NameMax Chilton
CountryUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
Place of BirthReigat, Surrey
Date of BirthApr 21st 1991 - 26 years old
First RaceMar 24th 2013 Malaysian F1 GP result
Last RaceOct 12th 2014 Russian F1 GP result
Best Qualifying16th - Aug 25th 2013 Belgian F1 GP result
Best Result13th - (2 times)

Max Chilton F1 statistics

Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps0


Max Chilton Biography

Max Chilton testing the Marussia MR02

Max Chilton testing the Marussia MR02

An unusual amount of attention will be placed on Marussia this season as Britain’s Max Chilton aims to prove he has got what it takes to sustain a career in Formula One. The announcement that Chilton has been signed by 2013’s lowest ranked manufacturer came as no surprise, and there is no doubting his potential after a strong GP2 season last year saw him finish 4th.

The 21 year-old has been a firm part of Marussia’s future plans and was appointed test driver for the second half of 2012, and after the exit of Timo Glock it was only natural for Chilton to make the step up. Chilton had been racing for the Marussia backed Carlin team.

The British driver has had a successful junior career which included being entered into the British Formula Three season, despite being under aged. A strong GP2 career saw him tested by Force India in 2011 and Marussia last season before been handed on of the last remaining race seats. Chilton will have a tough task on his hands to successfully beat his very highly rated team mate Jules Biancchi.

Racing is clearly in the Chilton family, as Max’s older brother Tom races in the World Touring Car Championship.

Formula 1 - Reserve Driver, Marussia F1 Team
Took part in Marussia F1 Team Young Driver Test at Silverstone July, driving the 2012 MR01 for 1.5 days

GP2 Series - Race Driver, Marussia Carlin GP2 - Part of Marussia F1 Team Young Driver Programme
2 wins (Hungary & Singapore) - Finished 4th in Championship

GP2 Series - Carlin
GP2 Asia Series
GP2 Final

GP2 Series - Ocean Racing Technology

GP2 - Ocean Racing Technology
GP2 Asia Series - Barwa Addax

British Formula Three Championship - Carlin Motorsport
Macau Grand Prix - Carlin

British Formula Three Championship - Hitech Racing - Finished 10th
Macau Grand Prix
Masters of Formula 3

British Formula Three Championship - Arena Motorsport
Le Mans Series
Star Mazda Championship - Velocity Motorsports

T Cars - Tomax team - Finished 2nd

T Cars - Finished 8th in series
T Cars Autumn Trophy - Finished 3rd

Championship Results

Max Chilton F1 Championship Results

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
2014 United Kingdom Manor Ferrari160000080000.000
2013 United Kingdom Manor Cosworth1900000110700.000

Race Results

Max Chilton F1 GP Race Results

3520142014 Russian F1 GP result4ManorFerrari21Rettechnical0
3420142014 Japanese F1 GP result4ManorFerrari22180
3320142014 Singapore F1 GP result4ManorFerrari21170
3220142014 Italian F1 GP result4ManorFerrari21Retspun off0
3120142014 Belgian F1 GP result4ManorFerrari19160
3020142014 Hungarian F1 GP result4ManorFerrari18160
2920142014 German F1 GP result4ManorFerrari21170
2820142014 British F1 GP result4ManorFerrari17160
2720142014 Austrian F1 GP result4ManorFerrari21170
2620142014 Canadian F1 GP result4ManorFerrari18RetAccident0
2520142014 Monaco F1 GP result4ManorFerrari19140
2420142014 Spanish F1 GP result4ManorFerrari17190
2320142014 Chinese F1 GP result4ManorFerrari21190
2220142014 Bahrain F1 GP result4ManorFerrari21130
2120142014 Malaysian F1 GP result4ManorFerrari21150
2020142014 Australian F1 GP result4ManorFerrari17130
1920132013 Brazilian F1 GP result23ManorCosworth22190
1820132013 United States F1 GP result23ManorCosworth21210
1720132013 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result23ManorCosworth20210
1620132013 Indian F1 GP result23ManorCosworth22170
1520132013 Japanese F1 GP result23ManorCosworth18190
1420132013 Korean F1 GP result23ManorCosworth21170
1320132013 Singapore F1 GP result23ManorCosworth22170
1220132013 Italian F1 GP result23ManorCosworth22200
1120132013 Belgian F1 GP result23ManorCosworth16190
1020132013 Hungarian F1 GP result23ManorCosworth22170
920132013 German F1 GP result23ManorCosworth21190
820132013 British F1 GP result23ManorCosworth21170
720132013 Canadian F1 GP result23ManorCosworth20190
620132013 Monaco F1 GP result23ManorCosworth22140
520132013 Spanish F1 GP result23ManorCosworth21190
420132013 Bahrain F1 GP result23ManorCosworth21200
320132013 Chinese F1 GP result23ManorCosworth19170
220132013 Australian F1 GP result23ManorCosworth20170
120132013 Malaysian F1 GP result23ManorCosworth21160

Teammate Comparison

Max Chilton Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
2013ManorJules Bianchi1413000000514316
2014ManorJules Bianchi13902000069411

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