Riverside International Raceway Layout & Records

Riverside Int. Raceway Details
Location:Riverside International Raceway F1 Circuit Riverside, United States
Event:US Grand Prix
Type:Closed Circuit
 Lap Dist.:5.271 km
Riverside Int. Raceway Lap Record
Lap Record:1:56.300  min
Date:20 November 1960
F1 Driver:Jack Brabham
F1 Car:Cooper T53 Climax
Speed:163.161 km/h
Onboard Lap F1 Video

Lotus 33 driven by Jim Clark French GP, Clermont Ferrand, 27 June 1965 (2)

Riverside Raceway Street Circuit

Riverside International Raceway F1 Layout




F1 Podium Winners on Riverside International Raceway

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19601960 USA F1 GPNovember 201th United Kingdom Stirling Moss
2th United Kingdom Innes Ireland
3th New Zealand Bruce McLaren
United Kingdom Team Lotus
United Kingdom Team Lotus
United Kingdom Cooper-Climax

Driver Ranking


Driver Ranking Riverside International Raceway

DriverGP  1st  2nd  3rd  Pod  Pole  FL  Avg GridAvg PosPoints
1United Kingdom Stirling Moss11001101.01.08
2United Kingdom Innes Ireland10101007.02.06
3New Zealand Bruce McLaren100110010.03.04
4Australia Jack Brabham10000012.04.03
5Sweden Jo Bonnier10000004.05.02
6United States Phil Hill100000013.06.01
7United States Chuck Daigh100000018.010.00
8United Kingdom Ian Burgess100000023.018.00
9United States Robert Drake100000022.013.00
10United Kingdom Ron Flockhart100000021.021.00
11United Kingdom Roy Salvadori100000015.08.00
12United Kingdom Jim Clark10000005.016.00
13United States Pete Lovely100000020.011.00
14United Kingdom Brian Naylor100000017.019.00
15United Kingdom Henry Taylor100000014.014.00
16United Kingdom Tony Brooks10000009.022.00
17Germany Wolfgang von Trips100000016.09.00
18United Kingdom Graham Hill100000011.017.00
19Belgium Olivier Gendebien10000008.012.00
20United States Dan Gurney10000003.020.00
21United States Jim Hall100000012.07.00
22France Maurice Trintignant100000019.015.00
23United Kingdom John Surtees10000006.023.00

Team Ranking


Team Ranking Riverside International Raceway

TeamGP  1st  2nd  3rd  Pod  Pole  FL  Avg GridAvg PosPoints
1United Kingdom Team Lotus11102106.29.814
2United Kingdom Cooper-Climax100110114.412.58
3United Kingdom BRM10000006.014.02
4Italy Maserati100000022.013.00
5United States Scarab100000018.010.00


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