Innes Ireland info & statistics

NameInnes Ireland
CountryUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
Place of BirthMytholmroyd, Yorkshire
Date of BirthJun 12th 1930
Date of DeathOct 22nd 1993 - 63 years old
Season Entries8
First Race1959 Dutch F1 GP
Last Race1966 Mexican F1 GP
Best Qualifying2th - 1960 Argentine F1 GP
First Win1961 USA F1 GP
Last Win1961 USA F1 GP
First Podium1960 Dutch F1 GP
Last Podium1961 USA F1 GP

Innes Ireland F1 Stats

Race Entries55
Race Starts52
Race Wins1 (1,8%)
Pole Positions0
Fastest Laps1 (1,8%)
Podiums4 (7,3%)
Points Finishes14 (25,5%)
Retirements30 (54,5%)
Front Row Starts1
Total Points47
Total Laps2.311



Innes Ireland Final Championship Results



Innes Ireland F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
1966 United Kingdom BRM BRM20000012400.000
1965 United Kingdom Team Lotus BRM60000024700.000
1964 United Kingdom BRP BRM70000037900.574
1963 United Kingdom BRP
United Kingdom Team Lotus
1962 United Kingdom Team Lotus Climax80000041700.252
1961 United Kingdom Team Lotus Climax61001023902.0012
1960 United Kingdom Team Lotus Climax80213046612.2518
1959 United Kingdom Team Lotus Climax60000015100.835



Innes Ireland F1 GP Race Classifications

1th1 Time
2th2 Times
3th1 Time
4th4 Times
5th4 Times
6th2 Times
7th1 Time
8th1 Time
9th3 Times
10th4 Times
12th1 Time
13th1 Time
16th1 Time
DNF24 Times
WD2 Times
DNS3 Times


Innes Ireland F1 GP Race Results

5519661966 Mexican F1 GP10BRMBRM16DNFTransmission0
5419661966 USA F1 GP10BRMBRM17DNFAlternator0
5319651965 Mexican F1 GP22Team LotusBRM0DNSCar given to Bondurant0
5219651965 USA F1 GP22Team LotusBRM18DNFUnwell0
5119651965 Italian F1 GP38Team LotusBRM1890
5019651965 Dutch F1 GP38Team LotusBRM13100
4919651965 British F1 GP23Team LotusBRM15DNFEngine0
4819651965 French F1 GP22Team LotusBRM17DNFGearbox0
4719651965 Belgian F1 GP22Team LotusBRM16130
4619641964 Mexican F1 GP11BRPBRM16120
4519641964 USA F1 GP11BRPBRM10DNFGearbox0
4419641964 Italian F1 GP46BRPBRM1352
4319641964 Austrian F1 GP14BRPBRM1152
4219641964 British F1 GP11BRPBRM10100
4119641964 French F1 GP16BRPBRM11DNFAccident0
4019641963 Belgian F1 GP3BRPBRM16100
3919641964 Monaco F1 GP14Team LotusBRM0DNSPractice accident0
3819631963 Mexican F1 GP15Team LotusBRM0WDDriver injured0
3719631963 USA F1 GP15Team LotusBRM0WDDriver injured0
3619631963 Italian F1 GP32BRPBRM104Engine3
3519631963 German F1 GP14Team LotusBRM11DNFAccident0
3419631963 British F1 GP11BRPBRM11DNFIgnition0
3319631963 French F1 GP32BRPBRM990
3219631963 Dutch F1 GP30BRPBRM743
3119631963 Belgian F1 GP4BRPBRM7DNFGearbox0
3019631963 Monaco F1 GP14Team LotusBRM5DNFAccident0
2919621962 South African F1 GP11Team LotusClimax452
2819621962 USA F1 GP15Team LotusClimax1680
2719621962 Italian F1 GP40Team LotusClimax5DNFSuspension0
2619621962 British F1 GP32Team LotusClimax3160
2519621962 French F1 GP36Team LotusClimax8DNFPuncture0
2419621962 Belgian F1 GP20Team LotusClimax5DNFSuspension0
2319621962 Monaco F1 GP34Team LotusClimax8DNFFuel Pump0
22196219625 Dutch F1 GP9Team LotusClimax6DNFAccident0
2119611961 USA F1 GP15Team LotusClimax819
2019611961 Italian F1 GP38Team LotusClimax9DNFChassis0
1919611961 German F1 GP15Team LotusClimax6DNFFire0
1819611961 British F1 GP16Team LotusClimax7100
1719611961 French F1 GP6Team LotusClimax1043
1619611961 Belgian F1 GP32Team LotusClimax18DNFEngine0
1519611961 Monaco F1 GP30Team LotusClimax0DNSInjury in Practice0
1419601960 USA F1 GP10Team LotusClimax726
1319601960 Portuguese F1 GP16Team LotusClimax761
1219601960 British F1 GP7Team LotusClimax534
1119601960 French F1 GP20Team LotusClimax470
1019601960 Belgian F1 GP14Team LotusClimax8DNFAccident0
919601960 Dutch F1 GP4Team LotusClimax326
819601960 Monaco F1 GP22Team LotusClimax790
719601960 Argentine F1 GP20Team LotusClimax261
619591959 USA F1 GP10Team LotusClimax952
519591959 Italian F1 GP20Team LotusClimax14DNFBrakes0
419591959 Portuguese F1 GP12Team LotusClimax16DNFGearbox0
319591959 German F1 GP15Team LotusClimax13DNFDifferential0
219591959 French F1 GP34Team LotusClimax15DNFWheel0
119591959 Dutch F1 GP12Team LotusClimax943



Innes Ireland Teammate Comparison

YearTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPosQuali
1959Team LotusAlan Stacey5172000001010
Graham Hill473000003205
1960Team LotusAlan Stacey287000003140
Alberto Rodriguez Larreta691000001010
David Piper3124000002020
Jim Clark2317800003351
Jim Hall276000001010
John Surtees2211600013122
Mike Taylor14190000001010
Ron Flockhart760100000110
Stirling Moss21131902033205
1961Team LotusCliff Allison1780000001111
Ernesto Prinoth24370000001010
Gaetano Starrabba24150000000110
Gerry Ashmore10160000002130
Henry Taylor4103000003140
Ian Burgess4143000003030
Jim Clark1312710003425
Jim Hall1139010001010
Juan Manuel Bordeu4283000001010
Ken Miles1209010001010
Lloyd Ruby1149010001010
Lucien Bianchi4193000003030
Masten Gregory1179010001120
Michael May4113000003131
Olivier Gendebien1119010001010
Peter Ryan199010001010
Stirling Moss11121812013416
Tim Parnell10100000001120
Tony Maggs10110000001120
Tony Marsh10150000002130
Willy Mairesse4173000002020
Wolfgang Seidel4173000004150
1962Team LotusCarlo Abate17210000001010
Dan Gurney18200000001010
Ernesto Prinoth15270000001010
Ernie Pieterse5102000001010
Gary Hocking5182000001010
Gerry Ashmore15240000001010
Jack Brabham950300001423
Jay Chamberlain15150000001120
Jim Clark5122703063517
Jim Hall8200000001010
Jo Siffert9100000003250
John Campbell-Jones18110000000110
Keith Greene16220000001010
Kurt Kuhnke15310000001010
Lucien Bianchi1890000000110
Masten Gregory860100002552
Maurice Trintignant870000005261
Neville Lederle562100001010
Nino Vaccarella990000001120
Peter Arundell17180000001010
Rob Schroeder8100000001010
Roger Penske890000001001
Sam Tingle5212000001010
Syd van der Vyver5192000001010
Tony Shelly15210000002020
Trevor Taylor522600004462
Wolfgang Seidel16200000001010
1963Team LotusAndré Pilette21230000001010
Bernard Collomb10100000001120
Chris Amon24200000000101
Hap Sharp2370000000202
Jack Brabham1090000000110
Jim Clark10101901030404
Jim Hall1050200001322
Jo Siffert1090000001313
John Campbell-Jones10200000001010
Kurt Kuhnke21260000001010
Masten Gregory21290000001010
Pedro Rodríguez23150000000202
Rodger Ward23140000000101
Thomas Monarch24250000001000
Tim Parnell21250000001010
Trevor Taylor1060100000422
Walt Hansgen23220000000200
1964BRPTrevor Taylor564100004251
Team LotusBernard Collomb20190000000000
Chris Amon20170000000000
Jim Clark2040300010101
Jo Siffert2080000000101
Mike Hailwood2060100000101
Peter Arundell2030400000101
Peter Revson20180000000000
1965Team LotusBob Bondurant18150000000101
Brian Gubby15230000001010
Chris Amon13120000000101
Giacomo "Geki" Russo9180000001010
Jim Clark9103604041607
Mike Spence930700001607
Moisés Solana18100000000202
Richard Attwood960200002424
1966BRMGraham Hill7140000002002
Jackie Stewart7130000002002

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