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Buddh International Circuit layout & records

Buddh Circuit DetailsLap RecordPole Record
Location:Greater Noida, IndiaLap Record:1:27.249 minRecord Pole:1:24.178 min
Race:Indian Grand PrixDate:30 October 2011Date:29 October 2011
Used Since:2011F1 Driver:Sebastian VettelF1 Driver:Sebastian Vettel
Type:Closed CricuitF1 Car:Red Bull RB7 RenaultF1 Car:Red Bull RB7 Renault
 Lap Dist.:5.125 kmSpeed:211.464 km/hSpeed:219.178 km/h


Buddh International Circuit
Buddh Circuitcircuit-legend

Buddh International Circuit: Three sections in detail

Turn 1
After the start-finish straight the track falls sharply downhill for turn 1 before rising again for turn 3. This change in gradient compresses both the driver and the car into the ground, generating huge vertical g-forces. The lubricants in the system will therefore also be squashed towards the bottom of the tank, which can in turn make pick-up difficult.

Paul di Resta on back straight with his Force India VJM05.

Paul di Resta on back straight with his Force India VJM05.

Back straight (between Turns 3 and 4)
The Buddh circuit features three long straights; the pit straight, the long run between turns 3 and 4 and the shorter spurt from there down to turn 5. The longest straight is the back straight, a huge 1.2km, with the engine running at wide open throttle for over 15secs. Interestingly this straight also features an altitude change with the track going downhill to the midway point of the straight before then climbing back up. The gradient changes will have an effect on gearing, which will need to take into account the dip and crest.

Turns 10 and 11
The second part of the track is much more twisted, shifting the emphasis from outright power to engine drive-ability. Turns 10 and 11, a radial turn with a profile similar to the Spoon Curve in Japan, is one of the most challenging. The drivers ‘play’ with the pedal over a relatively prolonged period as they attempt to find the limit of the car. This sustained period of lateral G will also test the engine’s oil and fuel systems to their limits.

Previous F1 GP Winners on Buddh International Circuit

20132013 Indian F1 GP result27 October1 Germany Sebastian Vettel
2 Germany Nico Rosberg
3 France Romain Grosjean
Austria Red Bull
Germany Mercedes
United Kingdom Lotus F1
20122012 Indian Grand Prix result28 October1 Germany Sebastian Vettel
2 Spain Fernando Alonso
3 Australia Mark Webber
Austria Red Bull
Italy Ferrari
Austria Red Bull
20112011 Indian Grand Prix result30 October1 Germany Sebastian Vettel
2 United Kingdom Jenson Button
3 Spain Fernando Alonso
Austria Red Bull
United Kingdom McLaren
Italy Ferrari

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