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Red Bull Racing

Principal: Christian Horner

Red Bull F1 statistics:

Race Starts227
Drivers' Titles4
Constructors' Titles4
Fastest Laps49
One/two finishes17

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Red Bull Racing F1 drivers

Daniel Ricciardo 2017

3. Daniel Ricciardo

Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps7

Daniel Ricciardo helmet 2017Helmet of Daniel Ricciardo

Max Verstappen 2017

33. Max Verstappen

Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps1

Max Verstappen helmet 2017
Helmet of Max Verstappen

Achievements Red Bull Racing F1 Drivers

Australia Mark Webber129916164113692019978.5
Germany Sebastian Vettel11338141365446258221577
United Kingdom David Coulthard71002203456060
Australia Daniel Ricciardo6245918135837608
Austria Christian Klien28000001296011
Russian Federation Daniil Kvyat230112012800116
Netherlands Max Verstappen201438010971216
Italy Vitantonio Liuzzi40000018901
Netherlands Robert Doornbos30000017700



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Red Bull Racing History

Technical officer Adrian Newey and Red Bull Racing team owner Dietrich Mateschitz

Technical officer Adrian Newey and Red Bull Racing team owner Dietrich Mateschitz

Four consecutive world championships and some hefty financial backing have made Red Bull Racing a powerful addition to the formula one grid since their induction in 2005. The controversial move from energy drinks manufacturers Red Bull to purchase a racing team may not have won them many hearts but in the subsequent years they have earned everyone's respect and nowadays, fear.

Red Bull has displaced Ferrari as the most envied team on the gird. They have the most sought after car designer, Adrian Newey, and the most sought after young driver, Sebastian Vettel. In three seasons this potent combination has delivered a back-to-back-to-back world championship run, and they promise their dominance is only just starting.

David Coulthard, Red Bull RB1

David Coulthard, Red Bull RB1

After purchasing the Jaguar team in September 2004 the team drew up plans to rapidly rise to the front of the grid, although this unlikely as Ferrari dominated the sport and had just won five straight world titles. However the experienced David Coulthard and protégée Christian Klein guided the team to an impressive sixth place finish in the constructor's standings in their first season. Coulthard, a multiple race winner at McLaren, then claimed the team's first podium finish at Monaco a year later. After proclaiming beforehand that he would jump into the swimming pool naked had one of his cars claimed a podium, team boss Christian Horner kept to his word.

Webber's first Red Bull Nurburgring 2007

Webber's first Red Bull podium at the Nurburgring 2007

In 2007 the team signed experienced Australian Mark Webber to drive alongside Coulthard, with the aim that he would partner Coulthard's eventual replacement who would be selected from Red Bull's junior team Torro Rosso. Torro Rosso serves as a driving apprenticeship for young drivers who, if good enough, will progress to Red Bull. The team showed slow progression by coming 5th in the championship that season, and in Mark Webber they had found a perfect second driver who competed hard with Coulthard.

In 2008 the team suffered the embarrassment of their sister team Torro Rosso claiming a race win before they did, as the hot young prospect Sebastian Vettel romped home to win at Monza. Coulthard and Webber improved in terms of points in 2008, but not in position and dropped back to a disappointing 7th.

2009 Japanese victory for Vettel

2009 Japanese victory for Vettel

As DC retired, the young Vettel joined Webber at the main team and took the team's first ever race victory in the season's third race, China. With the poor cars produced by major teams Ferrari and McLaren, Red Bull found themselves with one of the fastest cars on the grid. Consistent podiums for Vettel followed in 2009 and although the car wasn't on pace terms with the Brawn, he managed to win the British grands prix later that season. This triggered a superb run to the end of the season as Vettel racked up further victories in Japan and Abu Dhabi, while Mark Webber won the first races of his career in Germany and Brazil. Red Bull came second in the championship and the following season they produced an even finer car, the shift of power in the sport was swinging Red Bull's way.

1-2 finish for Red Bull 2010 Brazil F1 GP

1-2 finish for Red Bull 2010 Brazil F1 GP

After a dramatic topsy-turvy season Vettel won his maiden world championship, claiming five wins along the way. In a tight contest he narrowly beat his team mate Webber, who finished third place with four wins. Vettel destroyed the field the next season to defend his championship by over 100 points in the totally dominant RB7 car. The RB8 in 2012 was less dominant and the duo struggled in the early rounds of the season. However Newey's designing brilliance and Rec Bull's development speed soon provided Vettel with the platform to hunt down Alonso's Ferrari and successfully defend the title again. 2013 saw a fourth straight title for team and driver.

Red Bull are still very much a team progressing, and it will take many years to create the fan base and history of the likes of Ferrari. But with their superb drivers, successful youth system and the genius of their design team, they have a  chance of emulating the Italian giants. With Webber now retired and Newey leaving after 2014, there is a changing of the tide. But, as Daniel Ricciardo has already shown in 2014, the future is still bright.

The 2015 and 2016 F1 season where a bit disappointing for the Milton Keynes based race team. Mercedes had the best of them. The chassis that came from Newey was brilliant and generated the most down force and mechanical grip of all cars, but the Renault engine wasn't powerfull enough against Mercedes and even Ferrari. They did beat Ferrari but only because of the chassis that was better than Ferrari could build.

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Red Bull Racing Achievements

Red Bull Racing Finishing Positions

152 Times
240 Times
344 Times
448 Times
527 Times
621 Times
724 Times
826 Times
925 Times
1013 Times
1116 Times
1212 Times
1310 Times
144 Times
158 Times
161 Time
172 Times
181 Time
DSQ1 Time
Ret78 Times
DNS5 Times

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