Pirelli released the tyre graphic for next weeks Canadian Grand Prix.

Title contenders Ferrari and Mercedes have slight difference in the amount of soft, supersoft and ultrasoft Pirelli tyres. Vettel and Raikkonen have both the same amount. Bottas and Hamilton have the same amount of ultrasoft's. Bottas has 1 more set of soft tyres, while Hamilton has one more set of supersofts.

Below you can see the amount and type of tyres each driver has to get the best out of the 2017 Canadian Grand Prix.

NoDriverTeamSoft (yellow)SuperSoft (red)UltraSoft (purple)
5Sebastian VettelFerrari139
7Kimi RäikkönenFerrari139
11Sergio PérezForce India238
31Esteban OconForce India238
8Romain GrosjeanHaas157
20Kevin MagnussenHaas247
44Lewis HamiltonMercedes148
77Valtteri BottasMercedes238
2Stoffel VandoorneMcLaren2110
14Fernando AlonsoMcLaren1210
3Daniel RicciardoRed Bull157
33Max VerstappenRed Bull157
27Nico HülkenbergRenault247
30Jolyon PalmerRenault247
9Marcus EricssonSauber247
94Pascal WehrleinSauber337
26Daniil KvyatToro Rosso238
55Carlos SainzToro Rosso238
18Lance StrollWilliams157
19Felipe MassaWilliams247


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