Mark Blundell information & statistics

NameJean-Pierre Jarier
CountryFrance France
Place of BirthCharenton-le-Pont
Date of BirthJul 10th 1946 - 71 years old
First RaceSep 5th 1971 Italian Grand Prix result
Last RaceOct 15th 1983 South African Grand Prix result
First PoleJan 12th 1975 Argentine Grand Prix result
Last PoleOct 8th 1978 Canadian Grand Prix result
Best Result3rd - (3 times)
First PodiumMay 26th 1974 Monaco Grand Prix result
Last PodiumJul 14th 1979 British Grand Prix result

Blundell F1 statistics:

Race Starts135
Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps3

Championship Results

Mark Blundell F1 Championship Results

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
1983 France Ligier Ford150000049600.000
1982 Italy Osella Ford130000031200.233
1981 France Ligier
Italy Osella
1980 United Kingdom Tyrrell Ford140000062000.436
1979 United Kingdom Tyrrell Ford130022061601.0814
1978 Germany ATS
United Kingdom Lotus
1977 France Ligier
United States Penske
United Kingdom Shadow
1976 United Kingdom Shadow Ford160000091810.000
1975 United Kingdom Shadow
United Kingdom Shadow
1974 United Kingdom Shadow Ford140011067400.436
1973 United Kingdom March Ford100000049300.000
1971 United Kingdom March Ford1000004700.000

Race Results

Mark Blundell F1 GP Race Results

14319831983 South African Grand Prix result25LigierFord21100
14219831983 European Grand Prix result25LigierFord22RetClutch0
14119831983 Italian Grand Prix result25LigierFord1990
14019831983 Dutch Grand Prix result25LigierFord22RetSuspension0
13919831983 Austrian Grand Prix result25LigierFord2070
13819831983 German Grand Prix result25LigierFord1980
13719831983 British Grand Prix result25LigierFord25100
13619831983 Canadian Grand Prix result25LigierFord16RetGearbox0
13519831983 Detroit Grand Prix result25LigierFord19RetWheel0
13419831983 Belgian Grand Prix result25LigierFord21RetCollision0
13319831983 Monaco Grand Prix result25LigierFord9RetSuspension0
13219831983 San Marino Grand Prix result25LigierFord19RetRadiator0
13119831983 French Grand Prix result25LigierFord2090
13019831983 United States Grand Prix West result25LigierFord10RetCollision0
12919831983 Brazilian Grand Prix result25LigierFord12RetSuspension0
12819821982 Caesars Palace Grand Prix result31OsellaCosworth27DNSAccident0
12719821982 Italian Grand Prix result31OsellaFord15RetWheel0
12619821982 Swiss Grand Prix result31OsellaFord17RetEngine0
12519821982 Austrian Grand Prix result31OsellaFord0DNQNo Time0
12419821982 German Grand Prix result31OsellaFord20RetSteering0
12319821982 French Grand Prix result31OsellaFord17RetHalfshaft0
12219821982 British Grand Prix result31OsellaFord18RetCollision0
12119821982 Dutch Grand Prix result31OsellaFord23140
12019821982 Canadian Grand Prix result31OsellaFord18RetWithdrew0
11919821982 Detroit Grand Prix result31OsellaFord22RetIgnition0
11819821982 Monaco Grand Prix result31OsellaFord0DNQNo Time0
11719821982 Belgian Grand Prix result31OsellaFord14RetBroken Wing0
11619821982 San Marino Grand Prix result31OsellaFord943
11519821982 United States Grand Prix West result31OsellaFord10RetTransmission0
11419821982 Brazilian Grand Prix result31OsellaFord2390
11319821982 South African Grand Prix result31OsellaFord26RetCollision0
11219811981 Caesars Palace Grand Prix result32OsellaFord21RetTransmission0
11119811981 Canadian Grand Prix result32OsellaFord23RetCollision0
11019811981 Italian Grand Prix result32OsellaFord1890
10919811981 Dutch Grand Prix result32OsellaFord18RetTransmission0
10819811981 Austrian Grand Prix result32OsellaFord14100
10719811981 German Grand Prix result32OsellaFord1780
10619811981 British Grand Prix result32OsellaFord2080
10519811981 Brazilian Grand Prix result25LigierMatra2370
10419811981 United States Grand Prix West result25LigierMatra10RetFuel Pump0
10319801980 United States Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord22NC0
10219801980 Canadian Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord1570
10119801980 Italian Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord1213Brakes0
10019801980 Dutch Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord1752
9919801980 Austrian Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord6RetElectrical0
9819801980 German Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord23150
9719801980 British Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord1152
9619801980 French Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord16Ret0
9519801980 Monaco Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord9RetAccident0
9419801980 Belgian Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord952
9319801980 United States Grand Prix West result3TyrrellFord12RetAccident0
9219801980 South African Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord1370
9119801980 Brazilian Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord22120
9019801980 Argentine Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord18RetCollision0
8919791979 United States Grand Prix result4TyrrellFord11RetAccident0
8819791979 Canadian Grand Prix result4TyrrellFord13RetEngine0
8719791979 Italian Grand Prix result4TyrrellFord1661
8619791979 Dutch Grand Prix result4TyrrellFord16RetSpun Off0
8519791979 British Grand Prix result4TyrrellFord1634
8419791979 French Grand Prix result4TyrrellFord1052
8319791979 Monaco Grand Prix result4TyrrellFord6RetSuspension0
8219791979 Belgian Grand Prix result4TyrrellFord11110
8119791979 Spanish Grand Prix result4TyrrellFord1252
8019791979 United States Grand Prix West result4TyrrellFord761
7919791979 South African Grand Prix result4TyrrellFord934
7819791979 Brazilian Grand Prix result4TyrrellFord15RetElectrical0
7719791979 Argentine Grand Prix result4TyrrellFord4RetEngine0
7619781978 Canadian Grand Prix result55LotusFord1RetOil Leak0
7519781978 United States Grand Prix result55LotusFord815Out of Fuel0
7419781978 German Grand Prix result10ATSFord0DNQNo Time0
7319781978 Monaco Grand Prix result10ATSFord0DNQNo Time0
7219781978 United States Grand Prix West result10ATSFord19110
7119781978 South African Grand Prix result10ATSFord1780
7019781978 Brazilian Grand Prix result10ATSFord16DNSMass Drove Car0
6919781978 Argentine Grand Prix result10ATSFord11120
6819771977 Japanese Grand Prix result27LigierMatra17RetEngine0
6719771977 United States Grand Prix result16ShadowFord1690
6619771977 Italian Grand Prix result34PenskeFord18RetEngine0
6519771977 Dutch Grand Prix result34PenskeFord21RetIgnition0
6419771977 Austrian Grand Prix result34PenskeFord18140
6319771977 German Grand Prix result34PenskeFord12RetTransmission0
6219771977 British Grand Prix result34PenskeFord2090
6119771977 French Grand Prix result34PenskeFord19RetAccident0
6019771977 Swedish Grand Prix result34PenskeFord1780
5919771977 Belgian Grand Prix result34PenskeFord26110
5819771977 Monaco Grand Prix result34PenskeFord12110
5719771977 Spanish Grand Prix result34PenskeFord0DNQNo Time0
5619771977 United States Grand Prix West result34PenskeFord961
5519761976 Japanese Grand Prix result17ShadowFord15100
5419761976 United States Grand Prix result17ShadowFord16100
5319761976 Canadian Grand Prix result17ShadowFord18180
5219761976 Italian Grand Prix result17ShadowFord17190
5119761976 Dutch Grand Prix result17ShadowFord20100
5019761976 Austrian Grand Prix result17ShadowFord8RetFuel Pump0
4919761976 German Grand Prix result17ShadowFord23110
4819761976 British Grand Prix result17ShadowFord2490
4719761976 French Grand Prix result17ShadowFord15120
4619761976 Swedish Grand Prix result17ShadowFord14120
4519761976 Monaco Grand Prix result17ShadowFord1080
4419761976 Belgian Grand Prix result17ShadowFord1490
4319761976 Spanish Grand Prix result17ShadowFord15RetElectrical0
4219761976 United States Grand Prix West result17ShadowFord770
4119761976 South African Grand Prix result17ShadowFord15RetRadiator0
4019761976 Brazilian Grand Prix result17ShadowFord3RetAccident0
3919751975 United States Grand Prix result17ShadowFord4RetWheel bearing0
3819751975 Italian Grand Prix result17ShadowMatra13RetFuel Pump0
3719751975 Austrian Grand Prix result17ShadowMatra14RetInjection0
3619751975 German Grand Prix result17ShadowFord12Rettyre0
3519751975 British Grand Prix result17ShadowFord1114Accident0
3419751975 French Grand Prix result17ShadowFord480
3319751975 Dutch Grand Prix result17ShadowFord10RetTyre0
3219751975 Swedish Grand Prix result17ShadowFord3RetEngine0
3119751975 Belgian Grand Prix result17ShadowFord10RetSpun Off0
3019751975 Monaco Grand Prix result17ShadowFord3RetAccident0
2919751975 Spanish Grand Prix result17ShadowFord1041.5
2819751975 South African Grand Prix result17ShadowFord13RetOverheating0
2719751975 Brazilian Grand Prix result17ShadowFord1RetFuel System0
2619751975 Argentine Grand Prix result17ShadowFord1DNSTransmission0
2519741974 United States Grand Prix result17ShadowFord10100
2419741974 Canadian Grand Prix result17ShadowFord5RetHalfshaft0
2319741974 Italian Grand Prix result17ShadowFord9RetEngine0
2219741974 Austrian Grand Prix result17ShadowFord2380
2119741974 German Grand Prix result17ShadowFord1880
2019741974 British Grand Prix result17ShadowFord16RetSuspension0
1919741974 French Grand Prix result17ShadowFord12120
1819741974 Dutch Grand Prix result17ShadowFord7RetClutch0
1719741974 Swedish Grand Prix result17ShadowFord852
1619741974 Monaco Grand Prix result17ShadowFord634
1519741974 Belgian Grand Prix result17ShadowFord17130
1419741974 Spanish Grand Prix result17ShadowFord12RetNot classified0
1319741974 Brazilian Grand Prix result17ShadowFord19RetBrakes0
1219741974 Argentine Grand Prix result17ShadowFord16RetAccident0
1119731973 United States Grand Prix result18MarchFord1711Accident0
1019731973 Canadian Grand Prix result18MarchFord23NCNot classified0
919731973 Austrian Grand Prix result18MarchFord12RetEngine0
819731973 French Grand Prix result14MarchFord7RetHalfshaft0
719731973 Swedish Grand Prix result14MarchFord20RetThrottle0
619731973 Monaco Grand Prix result14MarchFord14RetGearbox0
519731973 Belgian Grand Prix result14MarchFord16RetAccident0
419731973 South African Grand Prix result14MarchFord18NCNot Classified0
319731973 Brazilian Grand Prix result11MarchFord15RetGearbox0
219731973 Argentine Grand Prix result24MarchFord17RetRadiator0
119711971 Italian Grand Prix result26MarchFord24NCNot classified0

Podium Finishes

Mark Blundell F1 Podium Finishes

319791979 British Grand Prix result4TyrrellFord1634
219791979 South African Grand Prix result4TyrrellFord934
119741974 Monaco Grand Prix result17ShadowFord634

Pole Positions

Mark Blundell F1 Pole Positions

319781978 Canadian Grand Prix result55LotusFord1RetOil Leak0
219751975 Brazilian Grand Prix result17ShadowFord1RetFuel System0
119751975 Argentine Grand Prix result17ShadowFord1DNSTransmission0

Teammate Comparison

Mark Blundell Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1971MarchAndrea de Adamich12150000001001
Henri Pescarolo12140000001001
Mike Beuttler12130000001001
Nanni Galli12190000001001
Ronnie Peterson1220600000101
1973MarchDavid Purley12200000001010
James Hunt1120700001423
Mike Beuttler1180000004572
Reine Wisell18210000001111
1974ShadowBertil Roos5252000001010
Brian Redman374000002130
Peter Revson20220000001102
Tom Pryce860100004444
1975ShadowTom Pryce431.580021410104
1976ShadowMike Wilds9290000001010
Tom Pryce730100000511412
1977LigierJacques Laffite2050200000101
PenskeHans Binder1480000001221
Hans Heyer22240000001010
ShadowAlan Jones9260000001001
1978ATSJochen Mass870000002323
LotusHector Rebaque15260000102020
Mario Andretti15100000111111
1979TyrrellDerek Daly1490000001120
Didier Pironi33141400008558
1980TyrrellDerek Daly5466000095113
Mike Thackwell7240000002020
1981LigierJacques Laffite760100001111
OsellaBeppe Gabbiani8260000007070
1982OsellaRiccardo Paletti4103000007070
1983LigierRaul Boesel7700000078141

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