Bernd Schneider stats & info

NameBernd Schneider
CountryGermany Germany
Place of BirthSt. Ingbert
Date of BirthJul 20th 1964 - 58 years old
Season Entries3
First Race1988 Mexican F1 GP
Last Race1990 USA F1 GP
Best Qualifying15th - (2 times)
Best Result12th - (2 times)

Bernd Schneider F1 Stats

Race Entries31
Race Starts9
Race Wins0
Pole Positions0
Fastest Laps0
Points Finishes0
Retirements29 (93,5%)
Total Points0
Total Laps301



Bernd Schneider Final Championship Results



Bernd Schneider F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
1990 United Kingdom Arrows Ford1000007000.000
1989 Germany Zakspeed Yamaha2000003700.000
1988 Germany Zakspeed Zakspeed60000019400.000



Bernd Schneider F1 GP Race Classifications

12th2 Times
13th1 Time
DNF6 Times
DNPQ12 Times
DNQ10 Times


Bernd Schneider F1 GP Race Results

3119901990 Spanish F1 GP10ArrowsFord0DNQNo Time0
3019901990 USA F1 GP10ArrowsFord20120
2919891989 Japanese F1 GP34ZakspeedYamaha21DNFGearbox0
2819891989 Spanish F1 GP34ZakspeedYamaha0DNPQNo Time0
2719891989 Portuguese F1 GP34ZakspeedYamaha0DNPQNo Time0
2619891989 Italian F1 GP34ZakspeedYamaha0DNPQNo Time0
2519891989 Belgian F1 GP34ZakspeedYamaha0DNPQNo Time0
2419891989 Hungarian F1 GP34ZakspeedYamaha0DNPQNo Time0
2319891989 British F1 GP34ZakspeedYamaha0DNPQNo Time0
2219891989 French F1 GP34ZakspeedYamaha0DNPQNo Time0
2119891989 Canadian F1 GP34ZakspeedYamaha0DNPQNo Time0
2019891989 USA F1 GP34ZakspeedYamaha0DNPQNo Time0
1919891989 Mexican F1 GP34ZakspeedYamaha0DNPQNo Time0
1819891989 Monaco F1 GP34ZakspeedYamaha0DNPQNo Time0
1719891989 San Marino F1 GP34ZakspeedYamaha0DNPQNo Time0
1619891989 Brazilian F1 GP34ZakspeedYamaha25DNFCollision0
1519881988 Australian F1 GP10ZakspeedZakspeed0DNQNo Time0
1419881988 Japanese F1 GP10ZakspeedZakspeed25DNFDriver unfit0
1319881988 Spanish F1 GP10ZakspeedZakspeed0DNQNo Time0
1219881988 Portuguese F1 GP10ZakspeedZakspeed0DNQNo Time0
1119881988 Italian F1 GP10ZakspeedZakspeed15DNFEngine0
1019881988 Belgian F1 GP10ZakspeedZakspeed2513Gearbox0
919881988 Hungarian F1 GP10ZakspeedZakspeed0DNQNo Time0
819881988 German F1 GP10ZakspeedZakspeed22120
719881988 British F1 GP10ZakspeedZakspeed0DNQNo Time0
619881988 French F1 GP10ZakspeedZakspeed21DNFGearbox0
519881988 Detroit F1 GP10ZakspeedZakspeed0DNQNo Time0
419881988 Canadian F1 GP10ZakspeedZakspeed0DNQNo Time0
319881988 Mexican F1 GP10ZakspeedZakspeed15DNFEngine0
219881988 Monaco F1 GP10ZakspeedZakspeed0DNQNo Time0
119881988 Brazilian F1 GP10ZakspeedZakspeed0DNQNo Time0



Bernd Schneider Teammate Comparison

YearTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPosQuali
1988ZakspeedPiercarlo Ghinzani12120000005454
1989ZakspeedAguri Suzuki17340000001010
1990ArrowsMichele Alboreto12100000000211

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