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F1 Faces Backlash for Rejecting Andretti’s Entry Bid?

Feb.5 – Spanish racing driver Oriol Servia has slammed Formula 1 for rejecting Andretti-Cadillac’s FIA-approved bid to enter..

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5 Feb 2024

Andretti’s Dream: Should He Have Started Up The F1 Entry Sooner?

Jan.22 – Michael Andretti should have bought a Formula 1 team “years ago”, according to former F1 supremo Bernie..

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22 Jan 2024

General Motors Firm on Andretti Partnership for 2025 F1 Entry

Nov.10 – General Motors has ruled out making the switch from hopeful eleventh Formula 1 entry Andretti to an existing team. Late in..

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10 Nov 2023

Andretti-Cadillac’s F1 Dream Nears Reality: FIA Greenlights Entry Decision

Oct.3 – Formula 1’s owner Liberty Media will decide if Andretti-Cadillac is welcomed onto the grid. The sport’s separate..

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3 Oct 2023

Andretti’s F1 Dream Becomes Reality as Competitors Fall Short

Sep.29 – The signs are becoming ever-clearer that Andretti-Cadillac has received the green light to enter Formula 1 by the..

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29 Sep 2023

Andretti’s F1 Dream Gets Closer: FIA Approval Signals 2025 Entry

Sep.23 – Andretti has cleared another hurdle in its quest to race in Formula 1 from 2025. The same, however, cannot be said of..

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23 Sep 2023

Andretti Global’s Bold Move: Is F1 Breaking European Commission Laws?

Sep.8 – Formula 1 could be set to run up against European Commission laws that would effectively force the sport to open the door to..

8 Sep 2023

Cadillac-Backed F1 Bid Gains Momentum: Andretti Autosport Morphs into ‘Andretti Global’

Sep.7 – Michael Andretti’s racing organisation has given the clearest sign yet that its push to enter Formula 1 may actually..

7 Sep 2023

Andretti-Cadillac’s F1 Dream: A Tug-of-War between FIA and Liberty Media

Aug.7 – The saga of whether Andretti-Cadillac will be welcomed to the Formula 1 grid is still the subject of a tug-of-war between the..

7 Aug 2023

Andretti’s F1 Entry: The Alpine Connection – Marko’s Solution Revealed

Aug.7 – Dr Helmut Marko thinks he has the ideal solution for Formula 1’s Andretti-Cadillac dilemma. On the one hand, an..


Andretti’s ambitious F1 dream: US-built car, top talents and GM’s backing

Aug.2 – Michael Andretti says he is “optimistic” the FIA will green-light his organisation’s application to join..

2 Aug 2023

Andretti’s Ambition Stalls: F1 CEO Not Convinced on Grid Growth

Jul.27 – F1’s CEO is still hinting that he may not be supportive of a push to add up to two new teams to the grid from 2025. In..

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27 Jul 2023

Andretti undeterred by concerns as he pursues F1 dream with Palou

Jul.14 – Michael Andretti has backed dominant Indycar driver Alex Palou to succeed in Formula 1. Andretti is currently trying to..

14 Jul 2023

Andretti-Cadillac: The Prominent Contender Eyeing F1’s 11th Team Spot

Jul.13 – Michael Andretti has hit back at existing Formula 1 teams who are opposed to the expansion of the grid to eleven teams. The..

13 Jul 2023

FIA poised to approve Andretti-Cadillac’s F1 dream while rivals are skeptical

Jul.6 – The Andretti-Cadillac bid appears to be inching towards approval to enter Formula 1 in 2025. The sport’s governing body..

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6 Jul 2023

Andretti still wants to join F1 and eyes answer about bid by ‘mid July’

May 9 – Michael Andretti is hoping to hear by “the middle of July” whether his bid in collaboration with Cadillac to..

9 May 2023

Andretti admits AlphaTauri F1 team is not for sale

Mar.6 – Michael Andretti admits buying AlphaTauri will not be the ticket to revving up his own Formula 1 team. Amid..

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6 Mar 2023

The Andretti Bid: A Strong Contender for F1?

Feb.20 – Michael and Mario Andretti are already “insiders” who should be welcomed back into Formula 1. That is the view..

20 Feb 2023

F1 CEO warns Andretti officials to avoid labeling teams as “greedy”

Feb.13 – Andretti officials are “not very smart” to denounce the existing Formula 1 team bosses as “greedy”,..

13 Feb 2023

F1 teams afraid to lose money when Andretti-Cadillac joins

Jan.16 – Bernie Ecclestone says existing Formula 1 teams are “afraid” of losing money by agreeing to green-light an..

16 Jan 2023

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