Michael Andretti remains confident in his vision for introducing a new Formula 1 team, despite facing a setback earlier this year when their first application, submitted in January, was not accepted.

Andretti's optimism shines as a beacon for his ambitious project, signaling his unwavering belief that the team will, in time, secure its position on the F1 starting grid. This determination underscores the commitment and passion driving Andretti's efforts to expand the Formula 1 roster with fresh talent and competition.

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4 F1 Fan comments on “Andretti Says They Will Have an Engine in 2028

  1. shroppyfly

    Build it and they will come, ummm those facilities are goinmg to house Andrettis f2 and f3 endeavours (aswell as F1) that hes now also going into , so whilst it looks good "Andretti pressing on with F1 dream" they needed these buildings anyway + the ones across the road , that they are also going to lease

  2. Cutting Corners

    Needed anyway and statement of intent.
    If they can attract good existing F1 staff by being there it's worthwhile even if not yet doing cutting edge F1 stuff at the moment. Showing the "Euro" no fear intent is a great idea.
    Successful integration with massive Fishers Indiana and the game is on!

  3. Ian Wilson

    Outrageous that they weren't allowed in.
    Someone suggested there should be a one relegation/one promotion system from F1 each year which would have its merits.

    • Cutting Corners

      Anything is better than having three unclaimed team spots for the current Concorde Agreement!.
      FIA must not allow the next CA being set at the current 10 teams max


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