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Andretti’s F1 dream in danger: teams fear value dilution

Jan.20 – Formula 1 only has “a couple of months” to open the door to a new Andretti-Cadillac team in 2025 or 2026. That..

20 Jan 2023

Abiteboul: Hyundai’s F1 entry decision depends on business interest

Jan.20 – Cyril Abiteboul is not ruling out a move into Formula 1 for the Korean carmaker Hyundai. The former Caterham and Renault..

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Andretti’s F1 bid faces opposition from top teams

Jan.18 – Pat Symonds has defended the reluctance of Formula 1 and the existing teams to welcome Michael Andretti‘s motorsport..

18 Jan 2023

Red Bull to pay Verstappen’s highest-ever F1 license bill

Dec.20 – World champion Max Verstappen has copped the highest-ever bill for a Formula 1 super license in the sport’s history...

20 Dec 2022

McLaren CEO hopes the Andretti F1 team bid is not ‘dead’

Jun.28 – McLaren supremo Zak Brown is worried former team driver Michael Andretti’s bid to bring a new team into Formula 1..

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28 Jun 2022

Andretti slams Mercedes team boss over his F1 team bid criticism

Jun.8 – F1 legend Mario Andretti has slammed Toto Wolff for dismissing the contribution an Andretti team could make to Formula 1...

8 Jun 2022

FIA plays down Andretti’s F1 entry plan for 2024

Feb.21 – The sport’s governing body has played down reports that Michael Andretti is still pushing to put together a Formula 1..

21 Feb 2022

Silverstone denies new race fee is $25m

Silverstone has played down reports about the new British GP race fee. Earlier this week, Formula 1 announced that Silverstone will remain..

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14 Jul 2019

Now Russia wants own F1 team

F1 rumoursF1 rJul.1 – If Azerbaijan is pushing towards the formula one grid, then so too should Russia. That is the view of Igor..

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1 Jul 2015

VW says ‘no talks’ about F1 project

Jun.16 – Volkswagen has issued another denial to seemingly constant speculation it might be considering a foray in formula one. VW..

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16 Jun 2015

Montezemolo: Mateschitz ‘wants Audi to enter F1’

Luca di Montezemolo claims Ferrari‘s new guard has been “lucky” to be so successful in 2015. The Maranello marque’s..

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6 May 2015

‘Manor Marussia’ on 2015 F1 entry list

As predicted earlier, the FIA on Friday published the official 2015 entry list that includes a place on the grid for the revived..

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28 Feb 2015

Domenicali studying F1 entry for VW

Reports Audi is contemplating a future in formula one are once again gathering steam. The rumours were refuelled recently when ousted..

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5 Dec 2014

Rumour: FIA approves ‘Forza Rossa’ entry

F1 looks set to have a twelfth team on the grid in 2015. It has already emerged that Nascar team co-owner Gene Haas’ US-based F1..

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3 Jun 2014

Forza Rossa is Romanian Ferrari dealer

A major potential link between F1’s potential 13th team and Ferrari has been discovered. Last Friday, when the governing body gave..

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14 Apr 2014

F1 engine contract is next move for 2015 team Haas

Colin Kolles is at the helm of ‘Forza Rossa’, a team that the FIA on Friday said could be next in line for a F1 debut. At a..

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12 Apr 2014

Ecclestone: FIA will confirm Haas entry on Friday

Gene Haas will hear some good news on Friday, F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone has revealed. After the Nascar team co-owner and..

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11 Apr 2014

Haas still unsure about 2015 F1 entry

Gene Haas has revealed he is yet to be notified officially that he will be let in as F1’s newest team owner in 2015. In Bahrain at..

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8 Apr 2014

Kolles team will enter in 2015 F1 season

F1 is set to allow two new teams through the paddock turnstiles for 2015. Days ago, the sport’s chief executive said the bid made by..

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6 Apr 2014

Ecclestone: Haas set for Formula 1 in 2015

Gene Haas looks set to take his place on the pitwall as F1’s newest team owner in 2015. Having earlier played down the Nascar team..

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3 Apr 2014

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