May 22 - Andretti is accelerating its push for a place in the Formula 1 paddock.

The Hill, a US political newspaper, reports that with congress already instigating an investigation into F1's snub of the hopeful new team, another official probe may soon be underway.

Another bipartisan group of politicians - this time senators - have written a letter asking the Biden administration to look into whether F1's decision violates anti-trust laws.

The letter said they have "substantial concerns" that Formula 1 stakeholders may have "colluded to exclude Andretti-Cadillac to insulate themselves from competition on the track and in the European car market".

And on the very same day, Andretti announced that it has secured the services of well-known F1 engineer Pat Symonds, who will now take 'gardening leave' from his existing position as chief technical officer of Liberty Media-owned F1.

"Pat's keen understanding of aerodynamics, vehicle dynamics and Formula 1 power units will be instrumental as we continue to build a competitive team," Michael Andretti said.

"I believe his expertise has been pivotal in shaping the narrative of Formula 1 and his vote of confidence in joining our effort speaks volumes."

Already at Andretti as technical director is Nick Chester, who knows Symonds well from their highly-successful time together in F1 at Renault.

Symonds, 70, will serve as 'executive engineering consultant'.

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3 F1 Fan comments on “Senate's Gaze on F1 Collusion as Andretti Boosts Technical Arsenal

  1. M Krugly

    This year, after 20+ years of getting up at unreasonable hours to watch F1, I have stopped because of the Andretti issue. Screw F1!!!
    No Andretti-no watchi.

  2. Joe Curry

    "LIBERTY" Media! What a joke. If a small group is determined to prevent one of the most successful families in racing from competing in F1, I think it is time to stop watching. For years, I have been watching while the sport pays a yearly bribe to Ferrari to keep them from stepping away from F1 (which I doubt they would ever do because their success as a company is determined largely by its participation in the sport). I am getting less and less interested in continuing to watch. Maybe the US government should step in and prevent F1 from staging any more races here until they allow the Andretti team to compete.

    • shroppyfly

      Your right , Id much rather hang around 4 hours waiting for a race to start, joking aside, Liberty, Small?, I think the American Gov probably has other more important things to concern themselves with at the moment, at home and in the world than F1, Andretti has some balls, leasing property in the Uk , employing what 60-120 staff in the Uk ,on the Hope Liberty will change there mind and allow them in earlier, I suppose though the newly employed staff are on rolling 6mths/12mth contracts till entry is assured, and theyd have had to employ them anyway in preparation, so all non news really

      As for the extra money to Ferrari, i agree, but on the balance sheet, its a very small number going out of the pot, so why would Liberty rock the boat



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