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Senate’s Gaze on F1 Collusion as Andretti Boosts Technical Arsenal

May 22 – Andretti is accelerating its push for a place in the Formula 1 paddock. The Hill, a US political newspaper, reports that..

22 May 2024

F1 Teams Rev Up as 2024 Car Launch Season Approaches

Jan.30 – As car launch and winter testing season now looms, Formula 1 teams are in full swing to prepare for the 2024 world..

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30 Jan 2024

2020 Renault affected by ‘turbulent’ winter

Renault has admitted it is coming out of a “turbulent” period inside the French works team. The outfit has been criticised for..

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19 Feb 2020

Williams not commenting on Chester rumours

Recently ousted Renault technical boss Nick Chester could be set to join F1 backmarker Williams. After a disappointing 2019, Renault boss..

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18 Dec 2019

Technical Briefing Australian GP by Nick Chester

Let’s welcome back our Technical Briefings for 2019! Renault‘ Chassis Technical Director Nick Chester kicks off the series with a..

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14 Mar 2019

Ricciardo: Renault must speed up car development

Renault needs to speed up the way it develops its F1 car throughout the season. That is the view of Daniel Ricciardo, who has switched from..

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6 Mar 2019

Renault targets ‘lucky’ podium in 2019

Renault thinks it has reduced the gap to the top three teams over the winter. Nick Chester, the French works team’s technical boss,..

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27 Feb 2019

Renault sympathises after Williams delay

Nick Chester, the technical boss at Renault, says he sympathises with Williams. Embarrassed team boss Claire Williams apologised to the..

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25 Feb 2019

Renault: New rules to make ‘small difference’

The 2019 rule changes will make a “small difference” when it comes to overtaking. That is the view of Renault technical boss..

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17 Jan 2019

Technical Briefing on Lateral forces in corners by Renault

 Renault Chassis Technical director Nick Chester explains in this video how they look at lateral forces while cornering. The upcoming..

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3 Oct 2018

What’s a good balance and the difference between under and oversteer?

 Watch and learn from Renault‘s Chassis Technical Director Nick Chester on the difference between under- and oversteer. It’s..

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27 Sep 2018

The difference between downforce & drag

 Nick Chester – Chassis Technical Director at Renault explains downforce and drag on F1 cars. which is particularly important..

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30 Aug 2018

Technical Briefing Renault Canada 2018

 Video with Technical Director at Renault Nick Chester. He tells you all the ins and outs of the Gilles Villeneuve

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8 Jun 2018

Nick Chester talks about wind influence

 Renault Technical Director Nick Chester talks about what strong winds can do to an Formula 1

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28 Apr 2018

Renault defends legality of 2018 exhaust

Mar.10 – Renault has defended the legality of its 2018 car’s exhaust layout. At the rear of the yellow and black car, the..

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10 Mar 2018

Missing Halo details make F1 teams nervous

Sep.12 – F1 teams are reportedly concerned about the introduction of ‘Halo’ for 2018. While the mandatory fitting of the..

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12 Sep 2017

Lotus F1 technical boss James Allison switches team

Lotus on Wednesday confirmed multiple media reports claiming technical director James Allison is leaving the team. The Enstone based squad..

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8 May 2013

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