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F1’s Green Future: Hydrogen Power on the Horizon?

Dec.11 – Max Verstappen predicts that Formula 1’s petrol-powered days are coming to an end. When asked where the sport will be..

11 Dec 2023

F1’s Weighty Dilemma: Can Smaller Wheels Save the Sport’s Future?

Oct.4 – Formula 1 could shrink the size of the wheels and tyres as part of an effort to get the rising height of the already-hefty..

4 Oct 2023

F1’s 2026 Vision: Sustainable Speed or Battery Burdened Races?

Jul.21 – F1’s authorities say they remain determined to push on with the current plans for the all-new cars for 2026 and..

21 Jul 2023

Current F1 cars remain on a heavy side despite drivers’ complaints

Jan.30 – A push to slightly reduce the weight of Formula 1 cars this year has been scrapped. Drivers, team officials and fans have..

30 Jan 2023

Andretti’s F1 bid faces opposition from top teams

Jan.18 – Pat Symonds has defended the reluctance of Formula 1 and the existing teams to welcome Michael Andretti‘s motorsport..

18 Jan 2023

2026 power units will make ‘snails’ of F1 cars?

Sep.29 – Pat Symonds has played down fears that Formula 1 will shift down a gear with the all-new engine regulations of 2026...

29 Sep 2022

F1 probes ‘no sidepod’ innovation Mercedes team

Mar.16 – Formula 1 teams can be split into two camps in 2022 – those with “wide sidepods” and those with..

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16 Mar 2022

Brawn & Symonds to lose top F1 jobs next year?

Dec.12 – Ross Brawn could be set to lose his top job as Formula 1’s managing director. When Liberty Media took over from Bernie..

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12 Dec 2021

F1 eyes smaller & lighter cars for next generation

Nov.2 – The all-new 2022 cars are yet to be fired up, but Formula 1 is already looking towards the next generation of cars that..

2 Nov 2021

F1 technical boss says F1 cars to stay heavy in future

Apr.1 – Pat Symonds has bad news for those hoping Formula 1 cars may lose some weight in the future. All-new technical regulations..

1 Apr 2021

Symonds: Sub-1 minute qualifying in Bahrain

Aug.29 – Top FIA official Pat Symonds thinks the second race in Bahrain in December will be a “great spectacle”. He was..

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29 Aug 2020

Pat Symonds 2020 Beyond the Grid on Alonso return

Fernando Alonso is back! Well, almost. In 2021 the Spaniard will return to the F1 grid with Renault, the team with which he won two world..

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15 Jul 2020

Marko surprised by F1 ‘two stroke’ engine idea

Dr Helmut Marko is not writing off the chances that Formula 1 will be powered by two-stroke engines from 2025. In 2014, the sport’s..

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14 Jan 2020

Symonds: F1 will not go all-electric

Formula 1 will work to become the authority in the area of biofuels rather than join Formula E in the world of electric power. That is the..

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25 Nov 2019

Formula 1 2021 Regulations Explanation Video

FIA key figures Ross Brawn, Nicolas Tonbazis, Pat Symonds and Jean Todt explain you In this video what will change in Formula 1 for the..

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31 Oct 2019

Symonds denies 2021 cars to be 6 seconds slower

F1 teams have expressed concern about the latest version of the 2021 technical rules. On Monday, they were presented with the latest..

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21 Sep 2019

F2 to race 18-inch tyres in 2020

Formula 2 will start using 18-inch Pirelli tyres next year, it was announced in Barcelona. The news was announced by Pat Symonds, who is..

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10 May 2019

2021 overtaking concept ‘better than expected’

Liberty Media is “really satisfied” with the research that is being done on the car concept of 2021. It is believed most of the..

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7 May 2019

Hulkenberg: Cars easy to drive and too heavy

F1 cars should be harder to drive and lighter, according to Nico Hulkenberg. For 2019, Liberty Media and the FIA introduced tweaks to the..

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8 Apr 2019

F1 could have bigger wheels by 2020

F1 could switch to low-profile, 18-inch wheels by 2020. That is the claim of Auto Motor und Sport. This German racing magazine is reporting..

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5 Jun 2018

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