As a seasoned engineer with a legacy spanning almost five decades in Formula 1, Pat Symonds is not one to rest on his laurels. Renowned for his pivotal role in clinching World Championships, Symonds' illustrious career features partnerships with legends like Michael Schumacher in the 1990s and Fernando Alonso in the 2000s, alongside guiding a nascent Ayrton Senna to a remarkable podium finish in Monaco during the 1980s. Now, in his capacity as Formula 1's Chief Technical Officer, Symonds is spearheading efforts to enhance the spectacle of racing, ensuring it remains exhilarating for future generations.

In an insightful discussion with Tom Clarkson, Symonds delves into the highlights of his storied career, recalling his experiences with some of the sport's most celebrated talents and outlining his vision for the future. Among his forward-looking initiatives is the development of sustainable fuel, a cornerstone in the evolution of Formula 1 cars set to debut in 2026, marking a new era of racing innovation.

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