In a dramatic turn at the Australian Grand Prix, Carlos Sainz triumphed, marking his first victory post-appendectomy, seizing the moment as Max Verstappen experienced his first withdrawal from a race in over two years.

Broadcasting directly from the heart of Melbourne, Tom Clarkson gathers insights from Damon Hill, the esteemed 1996 World Champion, along with the expertise of Australia's Channel 10 Grand Prix crew - Scott MacKinnon, Richard Craill, Sam Power, and Tim McDonald. Together, they delve into Sainz's remarkable recovery and ponder if this victory places him a step ahead of his Ferrari counterpart, Charles Leclerc.

The podium witnessed Lando Norris securing McLaren's inaugural top-three finish of 2024. The discussion turns to whether Norris could have edged past Leclerc for the second spot. Questions also arise about Daniel Ricciardo's form, as he finds himself outpaced by Yuki Tsunoda once more. The conversation doesn't shy away from debating Williams' decision to allocate Logan Sargeant's vehicle to Alex Albon following Albon's mishap during practice.

In addition to the podium finishers, insights are shared from Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing's Team Principal, Laurent Mekies. The panel also touches upon Haas's accomplishment of finishing with both drivers in the points, and the commotion surrounding George Russell's last-lap collision. This incident led to Fernando Alonso's demotion to the eighth position after being penalized by 20 seconds, adding a layer of drama to an already electrifying race.



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