In the wake of Ferrari's commanding top two finish in Australia, the question on everyone's lips is whether Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz have what it takes to dominate once more in Japan. The spotlight also turns to Max Verstappen: can he replicate his comeback at Suzuka as seen in the previous season? Meanwhile, the McLaren team is under scrutiny – do they possess the speed required to overtake Ferrari in this year's championship race?

Joining Tom Clarkson on the latest episode of F1 Nation are 1996 World Champion Damon Hill and renowned Spanish journalist Jesús Balseiro. Together, they delve into these pressing queries as the 2024 Japanese Grand Prix looms on the horizon.

The discussion also veers towards Mercedes' troubling start to the season, their most challenging since 2012, with speculations about simulator complications at the heart of their issues. Furthermore, Daniel Ricciardo's performance is under the microscope, following his noticeable lag behind teammate Yuki Tsunoda in the season's opening trio of races. What steps must Ricciardo undertake to reverse this trend and reclaim his competitive edge?

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