Marc Surer info & statistics

Marc Surer info & stats
NameMarc Surer
CountrySwitzerland Switzerland
Place of BirthArisdorf
Date of BirthSep 18th 1951 - 69 years old
Season Entries8
First Race1979 USA Grand Prix
Last Race1986 Belgian Grand Prix
Best Qualifying5th - (2 times)
Best Result4th - (2 times)

Marc Surer F1 Stats

Race Entries88
Race Starts82
Race Wins0
Pole Positions0
Fastest Laps1 (1,1%)
Points Finishes11 (12,5%)
Retirements41 (46,6%)
Total Points17
Total Laps3.968



Marc Surer Final Championship Results



Marc Surer F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
1986 United Kingdom Arrows BMW50000023100.000
1985 United Kingdom Brabham BMW120000057500.425
1984 United Kingdom Arrows
United Kingdom Arrows
1983 United Kingdom Arrows Ford150000076300.274
1982 United Kingdom Arrows Ford120000069800.253
1981 United Kingdom Ensign
Hong Kong Theodore
1980 Germany ATS Ford90000041900.000
1979 United Kingdom Ensign Ford1000003200.000



Marc Surer F1 GP Race Results

8819861986 Belgian Grand Prix17ArrowsBMW2190
8719861986 Monaco Grand Prix17ArrowsBMW1790
8619861986 San Marino Grand Prix17ArrowsBMW1590
8519861986 Spanish Grand Prix17ArrowsBMW22DNFFuel System0
8419861986 Brazilian Grand Prix17ArrowsBMW20DNFEngine0
8319851985 Australian Grand Prix8BrabhamBMW6DNFEngine0
8219851985 South African Grand Prix8BrabhamBMW5DNFEngine0
8119851985 European Grand Prix8BrabhamBMW713Turbo0
8019851985 Belgian Grand Prix8BrabhamBMW1280
7919851985 Italian Grand Prix8BrabhamBMW943
7819851985 Dutch Grand Prix8BrabhamBMW910Exhaust0
7719851985 Austrian Grand Prix8BrabhamBMW1161
7619851985 German Grand Prix8BrabhamBMW11DNFEngine0
7519851985 British Grand Prix8BrabhamBMW1561
7419851985 French Grand Prix8BrabhamBMW1480
7319851985 Detroit Grand Prix8BrabhamBMW1180
7219851985 Canadian Grand Prix8BrabhamBMW20150
7119841984 Portuguese Grand Prix17ArrowsBMW16DNFElectrical0
7019841984 European Grand Prix17ArrowsBMW16DNFAccident0
6919841984 Italian Grand Prix17ArrowsBMW15DNFEngine0
6819841984 Dutch Grand Prix17ArrowsBMW19DNFWheel0
6719841984 Austrian Grand Prix17ArrowsBMW1961
6619841984 German Grand Prix17ArrowsBMW14DNFTurbo0
6519841984 British Grand Prix17ArrowsBMW15110
6419841984 Dallas Grand Prix17ArrowsBMW22DNFSpun Off0
6319841984 Detroit Grand Prix17ArrowsBMW22DNFAccident0
6219841984 Canadian Grand Prix17ArrowsFord23DNFEngine0
6119841984 Monaco Grand Prix17ArrowsFord0DNQNo Time0
6019841984 French Grand Prix17ArrowsFord19DNFAccident0
5919841984 San Marino Grand Prix17ArrowsBMW16DNFTurbo0
5819841984 Belgian Grand Prix17ArrowsFord2480
5719841984 South African Grand Prix17ArrowsFord2390
5619841984 Brazilian Grand Prix17ArrowsFord2470
5519831983 South African Grand Prix29ArrowsFord2280
5419831983 European Grand Prix29ArrowsFord17DNFEngine0
5319831983 Italian Grand Prix29ArrowsFord20100
5219831983 Dutch Grand Prix29ArrowsFord1480
5119831983 Austrian Grand Prix29ArrowsFord22DNFCollision0
5019831983 German Grand Prix29ArrowsFord2070
4919831983 British Grand Prix29ArrowsFord19170
4819831983 Canadian Grand Prix29ArrowsFord14DNFTransmission0
4719831983 Detroit Grand Prix29ArrowsFord5110
4619831983 Belgian Grand Prix29ArrowsFord10110
4519831983 Monaco Grand Prix29ArrowsFord12DNFCollision0
4419831983 San Marino Grand Prix29ArrowsFord1261
4319831983 French Grand Prix29ArrowsFord21100
4219831983 USA West Grand Prix29ArrowsFord1652
4119831983 Brazilian Grand Prix29ArrowsFord2061
4019821982 Caesars Palace Grand Prix29ArrowsFord1770
3919821982 Italian Grand Prix29ArrowsFord19DNFIgnition0
3819821982 Swiss Grand Prix29ArrowsFord14150
3719821982 Austrian Grand Prix29ArrowsFord21DNFEngine0
3619821982 German Grand Prix29ArrowsFord2661
3519821982 French Grand Prix29ArrowsFord20130
3419821982 British Grand Prix29ArrowsFord22DNFEngine0
3319821982 Dutch Grand Prix29ArrowsFord17100
3219821982 Canadian Grand Prix29ArrowsFord1652
3119821982 Detroit Grand Prix29ArrowsFord1980
3019821982 Monaco Grand Prix29ArrowsFord1990
2919821982 Belgian Grand Prix29ArrowsFord2270
2819811981 Caesars Palace Grand Prix33TheodoreFord23DNFSuspension0
2719811981 Canadian Grand Prix33TheodoreFord1990
2619811981 Italian Grand Prix33TheodoreFord0DNQNo Time0
2519811981 Dutch Grand Prix33TheodoreFord2080
2419811981 Austrian Grand Prix33TheodoreFord23DNFDistributor0
2319811981 German Grand Prix33TheodoreFord2214Suspension0
2219811981 British Grand Prix33TheodoreFord2411Out of Fuel0
2119811981 French Grand Prix33TheodoreFord21120
2019811981 Monaco Grand Prix14EnsignFord1961
1919811981 Belgian Grand Prix14EnsignFord15110
1819811981 San Marino Grand Prix14EnsignFord2190
1719811981 Argentine Grand Prix14EnsignFord16DNFEngine0
1619811981 Brazilian Grand Prix14EnsignFord1843
1519811981 USA West Grand Prix14EnsignFord19DNFFuel System0
1419801980 USA Grand Prix9ATSFord1780
1319801980 Canadian Grand Prix9ATSFord0DNQNo Time0
1219801980 Italian Grand Prix9ATSFord23DNFEngine0
1119801980 Dutch Grand Prix9ATSFord20100
1019801980 Austrian Grand Prix9ATSFord16120
919801980 German Grand Prix9ATSFord13120
819801980 British Grand Prix9ATSFord15DNFEngine0
719801980 French Grand Prix9ATSFord11DNFGearbox0
619801980 South African Grand Prix9ATSFord0DNSAccident0
519801980 Brazilian Grand Prix9ATSFord2070
419801980 Argentine Grand Prix9ATSFord21DNFFire0
319791979 USA Grand Prix22EnsignFord21DNFEngine0
219791979 Canadian Grand Prix22EnsignFord0DNQNo Time0
119791979 Italian Grand Prix22EnsignFord0DNQNo Time0



Marc Surer Teammate Comparison

YearTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPosQuali
1980ATSHarald Ertl12260000001010
Jan Lammers7250000002020
1981EnsignRicardo Londoño4303000001010
1982ArrowsMauro Baldi5632000084102
1983ArrowsAlan Jones5142000001001
Chico Serra672000003140
Thierry Boutsen770000005555
1984ArrowsThierry Boutsen65150000411510
1985BrabhamNelson Piquet41521010148111
1986ArrowsThierry Boutsen970000001405



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