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Bruce McLaren information & statistics


NameBruce McLaren
CountryNew Zealand New Zealand
Place of BirthAuckland
Date of BirthAug 30th 1937
Date of DeathJun 2nd 1970 - 32 years old
First RaceAug 3rd 1958 German Grand Prix result
Last RaceMay 10th 1970 Monaco Grand Prix result
Best Qualifying2nd - (3 times)
First WinDec 12th 1959 United States Grand Prix result
Last WinJun 9th 1968 Belgian Grand Prix result
First PodiumJul 18th 1959 British Grand Prix result
Last PodiumApr 19th 1970 Spanish Grand Prix result

Bruce McLaren F1 statistics:

Race Starts101
Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps3

Championship Results

Bruce McLaren F1 Championship Results

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
1970 United Kingdom McLaren Ford30101014702.006
1969 United Kingdom McLaren Ford110123059602.3626
1968 United Kingdom McLaren Ford111203056102.0022
1967 United States Eagle
United Kingdom McLaren
1966 United Kingdom McLaren
United Kingdom McLaren
1965 United Kingdom Cooper-Climax Climax100011046701.0010
1964 United Kingdom Cooper-Climax Climax100202040601.3013
1963 United Kingdom Cooper-Climax Climax100123046301.7017
1962 United Kingdom Cooper-Climax Climax91135054813.5632
1961 United Kingdom Cooper-Climax Climax80011046101.3811
1960 United Kingdom Cooper-Climax Climax81326048014.6337
1959 United Kingdom Cooper-Climax Climax71012035912.3616.5
1958 United Kingdom Cooper-Climax Climax2000006300.000

Race Results

Bruce McLaren F1 GP Race Results

10419701970 Monaco Grand Prix result12McLarenFord10RetSuspension0
10319701970 Spanish Grand Prix result11McLarenFord1126
10219701970 South African Grand Prix result5McLarenFord10RetEngine0
10119691969 Mexican Grand Prix result6McLarenFord7DNSNon Starter0
10019691969 United States Grand Prix result6McLarenFord6RetEngine0
9919691969 Canadian Grand Prix result5McLarenFord13RetOil Pressure0
9819691969 Canadian Grand Prix result4McLarenFord952
9719691969 Italian Grand Prix result18McLarenFord543
9619691969 German Grand Prix result10McLarenFord834
9519691969 British Grand Prix result6McLarenFord734
9419691969 French Grand Prix result5McLarenFord743
9319691969 Dutch Grand Prix result6McLarenFord6RetSuspension0
9219691969 Monaco Grand Prix result4McLarenFord1152
9119691969 Spanish Grand Prix result6McLarenFord1326
9019691969 South African Grand Prix result6McLarenFord852
8919681968 Mexican Grand Prix result2McLarenFord926
8819681968 United States Grand Prix result2McLarenFord1061
8719681968 Canadian Grand Prix result2McLarenFord826
8619681968 Italian Grand Prix result2McLarenFord2RetOil Leak0
8519681968 German Grand Prix result2McLarenFord16130
8419681968 British Grand Prix result2McLarenFord1070
8319681968 French Grand Prix result10McLarenFord680
8219681968 Dutch Grand Prix result2McLarenFord8RetAccident0
8119681968 Belgian Grand Prix result5McLarenFord619
8019681968 Monaco Grand Prix result14McLarenFord7RetAccident0
7919681968 Spanish Grand Prix result2McLarenFord4RetOil Leak0
7819671967 Mexican Grand Prix result14McLarenBRM8RetOil Pressure0
7719671967 United States Grand Prix result14McLarenBRM9RetWater Leak0
7619671967 Italian Grand Prix result4McLarenBRM3RetEngine0
7519671967 Canadian Grand Prix result19McLarenBRM670
7419671967 German Grand Prix result10EagleWeslake5RetOil Leak0
7319671967 British Grand Prix result10EagleWeslake10RetEngine0
7219671967 French Grand Prix result8EagleWeslake5RetIgnition0
7119671967 Dutch Grand Prix result17McLarenBRM14RetAccident0
7019671967 Monaco Grand Prix result16McLarenBRM1043
6919661966 Mexican Grand Prix result17McLarenFord14RetEngine0
6819661966 United States Grand Prix result17McLarenFord1152
6719661966 British Grand Prix result14McLarenSerenissima1361
6619661966 Belgian Grand Prix result24McLarenSerenissima0DNSWheel bearing in practice0
6519661966 Monaco Grand Prix result2McLarenFord10RetOil Leak0
6419651965 Mexican Grand Prix result9Cooper-ClimaxClimax15RetGearbox0
6319651965 United States Grand Prix result9Cooper-ClimaxClimax2RetOil Pressure0
6219651965 Italian Grand Prix result16Cooper-ClimaxClimax1152
6119651965 German Grand Prix result11Cooper-ClimaxClimax10RetGearbox0
6019651965 Dutch Grand Prix result18Cooper-ClimaxClimax9RetDifferential0
5919651965 British Grand Prix result9Cooper-ClimaxClimax11100
5819651965 French Grand Prix result18Cooper-ClimaxClimax9RetSuspension0
5719651965 Belgian Grand Prix result4Cooper-ClimaxClimax934
5619651965 Monaco Grand Prix result7Cooper-ClimaxClimax752
5519651965 South African Grand Prix result9Cooper-ClimaxClimax852
5419641964 Mexican Grand Prix result9Cooper-ClimaxClimax1070
5319641964 United States Grand Prix result9Cooper-ClimaxClimax5RetEngine0
5219641964 Italian Grand Prix result26Cooper-ClimaxClimax526
5119641964 Austrian Grand Prix result9Cooper-ClimaxClimax9RetEngine0
5019641964 German Grand Prix result9Cooper-ClimaxClimax7RetEngine0
4919641964 British Grand Prix result9Cooper-ClimaxClimax6RetGearbox0
4819641964 French Grand Prix result12Cooper-ClimaxClimax761
4719641964 Belgian Grand Prix result20Cooper-ClimaxClimax726
4619641964 Dutch Grand Prix result24Cooper-ClimaxClimax570
4519641964 Monaco Grand Prix result10Cooper-ClimaxClimax10RetWheel Bearing0
4419631963 South African Grand Prix result10Cooper-ClimaxClimax943
4319631963 Mexican Grand Prix result3Cooper-ClimaxClimax6RetEngine0
4219631963 United States Grand Prix result3Cooper-ClimaxClimax1111Fuel pump0
4119631963 Italian Grand Prix result18Cooper-ClimaxClimax834
4019631963 German Grand Prix result5Cooper-ClimaxClimax5RetAccident0
3919631963 British Grand Prix result6Cooper-ClimaxClimax6RetEngine0
3819631963 French Grand Prix result10Cooper-ClimaxClimax612Ignition0
3719631963 Dutch Grand Prix result20Cooper-ClimaxClimax3RetGearbox0
3619631963 Belgian Grand Prix result14Cooper-ClimaxClimax526
3519631963 Monaco Grand Prix result7Cooper-ClimaxClimax834
3419621962 South African Grand Prix result8Cooper-ClimaxClimax826
3319621962 United States Grand Prix result21Cooper-ClimaxClimax634
3219621962 Italian Grand Prix result28Cooper-ClimaxClimax434
3119621962 German Grand Prix result9Cooper-ClimaxClimax552
3019621962 British Grand Prix result16Cooper-ClimaxClimax434
2919621962 French Grand Prix result22Cooper-ClimaxClimax343
2819621962 Belgian Grand Prix result25Cooper-ClimaxClimax2RetWheel bearing0
2719621962 Monaco Grand Prix result14Cooper-ClimaxClimax319
2619621962 Dutch Grand Prix result6Cooper-ClimaxClimax5RetGearbox0
2519611961 United States Grand Prix result2Cooper-ClimaxClimax443
2419611961 Italian Grand Prix result12Cooper-ClimaxClimax1434
2319611961 German Grand Prix result2Cooper-ClimaxClimax1261
2219611961 British Grand Prix result14Cooper-ClimaxClimax1480
2119611961 French Grand Prix result4Cooper-ClimaxClimax852
2019611961 Belgian Grand Prix result30Cooper-ClimaxClimax15RetIgnition0
1919611961 Dutch Grand Prix result11Cooper-ClimaxClimax14120
1819611961 Monaco Grand Prix result26Cooper-ClimaxClimax761
1719601960 United States Grand Prix result3Cooper-ClimaxClimax1034
1619601960 Portuguese Grand Prix result4Cooper-ClimaxClimax626
1519601960 British Grand Prix result2Cooper-ClimaxClimax343
1419601960 French Grand Prix result18Cooper-ClimaxClimax734
1319601960 Belgian Grand Prix result4Cooper-ClimaxClimax1426
1219601960 Dutch Grand Prix result12Cooper-ClimaxClimax9RetTransmission0
1119601960 Monaco Grand Prix result10Cooper-ClimaxClimax1126
1019601960 Argentine Grand Prix result16Cooper-ClimaxClimax1318
919591959 United States Grand Prix result9Cooper-ClimaxClimax1018
819591959 Italian Grand Prix result8Cooper-ClimaxClimax9RetEngine0
719591959 Portuguese Grand Prix result3Cooper-ClimaxClimax8RetTransmission0
619591959 German Grand Prix result2Cooper-ClimaxClimax9RetTransmission0
519591959 British Grand Prix result16Cooper-ClimaxClimax834.5
419591959 French Grand Prix result12Cooper-ClimaxClimax1052
319591959 Monaco Grand Prix result22Cooper-ClimaxClimax1352
219581958 Moroccan Grand Prix result52Cooper-ClimaxClimax21130
119581958 German Grand Prix result20Cooper-ClimaxClimax1250

Podium Finishes

Bruce McLaren F1 Podium Finishes

2719701970 Spanish Grand Prix result11McLarenFord1126
2619691969 German Grand Prix result10McLarenFord834
2519691969 British Grand Prix result6McLarenFord734
2419691969 Spanish Grand Prix result6McLarenFord1326
2319681968 Mexican Grand Prix result2McLarenFord926
2219681968 Canadian Grand Prix result2McLarenFord826
2119681968 Belgian Grand Prix result5McLarenFord619
2019651965 Belgian Grand Prix result4Cooper-ClimaxClimax934
1919641964 Italian Grand Prix result26Cooper-ClimaxClimax526
1819641964 Belgian Grand Prix result20Cooper-ClimaxClimax726
1719631963 Italian Grand Prix result18Cooper-ClimaxClimax834
1619631963 Belgian Grand Prix result14Cooper-ClimaxClimax526
1519631963 Monaco Grand Prix result7Cooper-ClimaxClimax834
1419621962 South African Grand Prix result8Cooper-ClimaxClimax826
1319621962 United States Grand Prix result21Cooper-ClimaxClimax634
1219621962 Italian Grand Prix result28Cooper-ClimaxClimax434
1119621962 British Grand Prix result16Cooper-ClimaxClimax434
1019621962 Monaco Grand Prix result14Cooper-ClimaxClimax319
919611961 Italian Grand Prix result12Cooper-ClimaxClimax1434
819601960 United States Grand Prix result3Cooper-ClimaxClimax1034
719601960 Portuguese Grand Prix result4Cooper-ClimaxClimax626
619601960 French Grand Prix result18Cooper-ClimaxClimax734
519601960 Belgian Grand Prix result4Cooper-ClimaxClimax1426
419601960 Monaco Grand Prix result10Cooper-ClimaxClimax1126
319601960 Argentine Grand Prix result16Cooper-ClimaxClimax1318
219591959 United States Grand Prix result9Cooper-ClimaxClimax1018
119591959 British Grand Prix result16Cooper-ClimaxClimax834.5

Pole Positions

Bruce McLaren F1 Pole Positions


Teammate Comparison

Bruce McLaren Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1958Cooper-ClimaxAndré Guelfi13150000001010
Brian Naylor5230000001010
Christian Goethals5160000001010
Dick Gibson5220000001010
François Picard13180000001010
Ian Burgess570000001001
Jack Brabham5110000001111
Jack Fairman1380000000101
Maurice Trintignant530400001102
Robert La Caze13140000001010
Roy Salvadori520600000202
Tom Bridger13190000001010
Tony Marsh580000001010
Wolfgang Seidel5140000002011
1959Cooper-ClimaxAlain de Changy5192000001010
Alessandro de Tomaso1118010001010
Bill Moss3264.5000001010
Chris Bristow3104.5000001010
Colin Davis5112000001120
George Constantine1168010001010
Giorgio Scarlatti17120000000110
Hans Herrmann3204.5000001010
Harry Schell1158010001001
Henry Taylor3114.5000001010
Ian Burgess366.5000002240
Ivor Bueb3136.5000002020
Jack Brabham1116.52812013407
Jack Fairman3174.5000002020
Jean Lucienbonnet5232000001010
Keith Greene3254.5000001010
Lucien Bianchi5202000001010
Mario de Araujo Cabral11100000000110
Masten Gregory328.5600004105
Maurice Trintignant1216.51910003425
Mike Taylor3234.5000001010
Peter Ashdown3124.5000001010
Roy Salvadori1612010003021
Stirling Moss11101712043205
Tim Parnell3304.5000001010
Trevor Taylor3294.5000001010
1960Cooper-ClimaxBrian Naylor3194000001010
Bruce Halford2810000002020
Carel Godin de Beaufort1680000000110
Chris Bristow21112000002103
Chuck Daigh4203000001010
Gino Munaron3157000002020
Giorgio Scarlatti2226000001010
Harry Schell1158010001001
Henry Taylor3411300003140
Ian Burgess21017000004040
Jack Brabham11374315033508
Jack Fairman4233000001010
Keith Greene4243000001010
Lance Reventlow4253000001010
Lucien Bianchi2613100003030
Mario de Araujo Cabral296000001010
Masten Gregory2919000005050
Maurice Trintignant1322010004141
Olivier Gendebien22231000004132
Pete Lovely3114000001010
Phil Hill364100001010
Roberto Bonomi1118010001010
Ron Flockhart3214000001010
Roy Salvadori2810000002020
Stirling Moss1316020012002
Tony Brooks2425700006033
Wolfgang von Trips394000001010
1961Cooper-ClimaxAlfonso Thiele3364000001010
Bernard Collomb5193000002020
Geoff Duke6321000001010
Hap Sharp4103000001010
Ian Burgess6121000001010
Jack Brabham3411400015326
Jack Fairman3254000001010
Jackie Lewis347300004141
John Campbell-Jones6331000001010
John Surtees3511400005335
Lorenzo Bandini385000003140
Massimo Natili3304000002020
Masten Gregory5104000005151
Maurice Trintignant378000004150
Menato Boffa3384000001010
Renato Pirocchi3125000002020
Roger Penske483000001010
Roy Salvadori3610200004141
Walt Hansgen4183000001010
1962Cooper-ClimaxBernard Collomb5252000001010
Hap Sharp3114000001010
Ian Burgess31113000004040
Jackie Lewis389000003140
John Love286000001010
Mike Harris2156000001010
Timmy Mayer3164000001010
Tony Maggs12321310006381
1963Cooper-ClimaxErnesto Brambilla3264000001010
Frank Dochnal14220000001010
Jo Bonnier25176000055100
John Love493000001010
Mario de Araujo Cabral3144000001120
Tony Maggs2217900006482
Trevor Blokdyk4123000001010
1964Cooper-ClimaxEdgar Barth16180000001010
Jo Bonnier1450200000110
John Love2236000001010
John Taylor22140000000110
Phil Hill267100006381
1965Cooper-ClimaxAlan Rollinson10220000001010
Alex Blignaut5312000001010
David Clapham5302000001010
Jochen Rindt3410400006482
John Love5192000001010
John Rhodes10160000001010
Trevor Blokdyk5212000001010
1967EagleDan Gurney1190000000303
1968McLarenDan Gurney2413300002103
Denny Hulme11223112004738
Jo Bonnier1616110004260
1969McLarenBasil van Rooyen5182000001010
Denny Hulme212620010084210
Derek Bell3164000001010
Vic Elford3511300003131
1970McLarenAndrea de Adamich2176000002020
Denny Hulme226900001203
John Surtees266000002121

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