Emanuele Pirro info & statistics

NameEmanuele Pirro
CountryItaly Italy
Place of BirthRome
Date of BirthJan 12th 1962 - 60 years old
Season Entries3
First Race1989 French F1 GP
Last Race1991 Australian F1 GP
Best Qualifying7th - 1991 Hungarian F1 GP
Best Result5th - 1989 Australian F1 GP

Emanuele Pirro F1 Stats

Race Entries40
Race Starts37
Race Wins0
Pole Positions0
Fastest Laps0
Points Finishes2 (5,0%)
Retirements23 (57,5%)
Total Points3
Total Laps1.368



Emanuele Pirro Final Championship Results



Emanuele Pirro F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
1991 Italy Dallara Judd130000055700.081
1990 Italy Dallara Ford140000033700.000
1989 Italy Benetton Ford100000047400.202



Emanuele Pirro F1 GP Race Classifications

5th1 Time
6th1 Time
7th1 Time
8th2 Times
9th2 Times
10th5 Times
11th3 Times
15th2 Times
DNF20 Times
DNPQ3 Times


Emanuele Pirro F1 GP Race Results

4019911991 Australian F1 GP21DallaraJudd1370
3919911991 Japanese F1 GP21DallaraJudd16DNFAccident0
3819911991 Spanish F1 GP21DallaraJudd9150
3719911991 Portuguese F1 GP21DallaraJudd16DNFEngine0
3619911991 Italian F1 GP21DallaraJudd16100
3519911991 Belgian F1 GP21DallaraJudd2580
3419911991 Hungarian F1 GP21DallaraJudd7DNFEngine0
3319911991 German F1 GP21DallaraJudd18100
3219911991 British F1 GP21DallaraJudd18100
311991French Grand Prix21DallaraJudd0DNPQNo Time0
3019911991 Mexican F1 GP21DallaraJudd0DNPQNo Time0
2919911991 Canadian F1 GP21DallaraJudd1090
2819911991 Monaco F1 GP21DallaraJudd1261
2719911991 San Marino F1 GP21DallaraJudd0DNPQNo Time0
2619911991 Brazilian F1 GP21DallaraJudd12110
2519911991 USA F1 GP21DallaraJudd9DNFGearbox0
2419901990 Australian F1 GP21DallaraFord21DNFEngine0
2319901990 Japanese F1 GP21DallaraFord19DNFAlternator0
2219901990 Spanish F1 GP21DallaraFord16DNFThrottle0
2119901990 Portuguese F1 GP21DallaraFord13150
2019901990 Italian F1 GP21DallaraFord19DNFSpun Off0
1919901990 Belgian F1 GP21DallaraFord17DNFWater Leak0
1819901990 Hungarian F1 GP21DallaraFord13100
1719901990 German F1 GP21DallaraFord23DNFCollision0
1619901990 British F1 GP21DallaraFord19110
1519901990 French F1 GP21DallaraFord24DNFBrakes0
1419901990 Mexican F1 GP21DallaraFord18DNFEngine0
1319901990 Canadian F1 GP21DallaraFord19DNFCollision0
1219901990 Monaco F1 GP21DallaraFord9DNFEngine0
1119901990 San Marino F1 GP21DallaraFord21DNFSpun Off0
1019891989 Australian F1 GP20BenettonFord1352
919891989 Japanese F1 GP20BenettonFord22DNFCollision0
819891989 Spanish F1 GP20BenettonFord10DNFSpun Off0
719891989 Portuguese F1 GP20BenettonFord16DNFSuspension0
619891989 Italian F1 GP20BenettonFord9DNFTransmission0
519891989 Belgian F1 GP20BenettonFord13100
419891989 Hungarian F1 GP20BenettonFord2580
319891989 German F1 GP20BenettonFord9DNFSpun Off0
219891989 British F1 GP20BenettonFord26110
119891989 French F1 GP20BenettonFord2490



Emanuele Pirro Teammate Comparison

YearTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPosQuali
1989BenettonAlessandro Nannini5122401004619
1990DallaraAndrea de Cesaris10100000006895
1991DallaraJyrki Järvilehto6314000010697

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