Roy Salvadori information & statistics

NameRoy Salvadori
CountryUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
Place of BirthDovercourt, Essex
Date of BirthMay 12th 1922
Date of DeathJun 3rd 2012 - 90 years old
First RaceJul 19th 1952 British Grand Prix result
Last RaceDec 29th 1962 South African Grand Prix result
Best Qualifying2nd - Jul 18th 1959 British Grand Prix result
Best Result2nd - Aug 3rd 1958 German Grand Prix result
First PodiumJul 19th 1958 British Grand Prix result
Last PodiumAug 3rd 1958 German Grand Prix result

Roy Salvadori F1 statistics:

Race Starts48
Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps0

Championship Results

Roy Salvadori F1 Championship Results

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
1962 United Kingdom Lola Climax80000021300.000
1961 United Kingdom Cooper-Climax Climax50000027900.402
1960 United Kingdom Aston Martin
United Kingdom Cooper-Climax
Aston Martin
1959 United Kingdom Aston Martin
United Kingdom Cooper-Climax
Aston Martin
1958 United Kingdom Cooper-Climax Climax90112043901.6715
1957 United Kingdom Cooper-Climax
United Kingdom Vanwall
1956 Italy Maserati Maserati30000010200.000
1955 Italy Maserati Maserati1000002300.000
1954 Italy Maserati Maserati2000006800.000
1953 United Kingdom Connaught Lea-Francis50000010000.000
1952 Italy Ferrari Ferrari1000008200.000

Race Results

Roy Salvadori F1 GP Race Results

5119621962 South African Grand Prix result7LolaClimax11RetFuel Leak0
5019621962 United States Grand Prix result19LolaClimax0DNSCar raced by Surtees0
4919621962 Italian Grand Prix result44LolaClimax13RetEngine0
4819621962 German Grand Prix result15LolaClimax9RetGearbox0
4719621962 British Grand Prix result26LolaClimax11Retbattery0
4619621962 French Grand Prix result20LolaClimax14RetOil Pressure0
4519621962 Belgian Grand Prix result6LolaClimax0WDNo Time0
4419621962 Monaco Grand Prix result26LolaClimax12RetSuspension0
4319621962 Dutch Grand Prix result20LolaClimax17RetWithdrew0
4219611961 United States Grand Prix result19Cooper-ClimaxClimax12RetEngine0
4119611961 Italian Grand Prix result40Cooper-ClimaxClimax1861
4019611961 German Grand Prix result19Cooper-ClimaxClimax15100
3919611961 British Grand Prix result36Cooper-ClimaxClimax1361
3819611961 French Grand Prix result42Cooper-ClimaxClimax1580
3719601960 United States Grand Prix result14Cooper-ClimaxClimax1580
3619601960 British Grand Prix result18Aston MartinAston Martin13RetSteering0
3519601960 Dutch Grand Prix result17Aston MartinAston Martin0DNSNon Starter0
3419601960 Monaco Grand Prix result14Cooper-ClimaxClimax12RetOverheating0
3319591959 United States Grand Prix result12Cooper-ClimaxMaserati11RetTransmission0
3219591959 Italian Grand Prix result24Aston MartinAston Martin17RetEngine0
3119591959 Portuguese Grand Prix result10Aston MartinAston Martin1260
3019591959 British Grand Prix result2Aston MartinAston Martin260
2919591959 French Grand Prix result16Cooper-ClimaxMaserati16RetEngine0
2819591959 Dutch Grand Prix result4Aston MartinAston Martin13RetEngine0
2719591959 Monaco Grand Prix result38Cooper-ClimaxMaserati860
2619581958 Moroccan Grand Prix result28Cooper-ClimaxClimax1470
2519581958 Italian Grand Prix result6Cooper-ClimaxClimax1452
2419581958 Portuguese Grand Prix result16Cooper-ClimaxClimax1190
2319581958 German Grand Prix result10Cooper-ClimaxClimax626
2219581958 British Grand Prix result10Cooper-ClimaxClimax334
2119581958 French Grand Prix result20Cooper-ClimaxClimax14110
2019581958 Belgian Grand Prix result24Cooper-ClimaxClimax1380
1919581958 Dutch Grand Prix result7Cooper-ClimaxClimax943
1819581958 Monaco Grand Prix result18Cooper-ClimaxClimax4RetGearbox0
1719571957 Pescara Grand Prix result22Cooper-ClimaxClimax15RetAccident0
1619571957 German Grand Prix result23Cooper-ClimaxClimax14RetSuspension0
1519571957 British Grand Prix result36Cooper-ClimaxClimax1552
1419571957 French Grand Prix result20VanwallVanwall6RetEngine0
1319571957 Monaco Grand Prix result8BRMBRM0DNQNo Time0
1219561956 Italian Grand Prix result44MaseratiMaserati14110
1119561956 German Grand Prix result16MaseratiMaserati9RetSuspension0
1019561956 British Grand Prix result28MaseratiMaserati7RetFuel System0
919551955 British Grand Prix result44MaseratiMaserati20RetGearbox0
819541954 British Grand Prix result5MaseratiMaserati7RetTransmission0
719541954 French Grand Prix result44MaseratiMaserati10RetHalf Shaft0
619531953 Italian Grand Prix result22ConnaughtLea-Francis14RetThrottle0
519531953 German Grand Prix result15ConnaughtLea-Francis13RetEngine0
419531953 British Grand Prix result12ConnaughtLea-Francis28RetWheel0
319531953 French Grand Prix result50ConnaughtLea-Francis19RetIgnition0
219531953 Dutch Grand Prix result26ConnaughtLea-Francis11RetEngine0
119521952 British Grand Prix result14FerrariFerrari1980

Podium Finishes

Roy Salvadori F1 Podium Finishes

219581958 German Grand Prix result10Cooper-ClimaxClimax626
119581958 British Grand Prix result10Cooper-ClimaxClimax334

Pole Positions

Roy Salvadori F1 Pole Positions


Teammate Comparison

Roy Salvadori Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1952FerrariAlberto Ascari810901000101
Nino Farina860000010101
Peter Hirt8300000001010
Peter Whitehead8100000001010
Piero Taruffi820600000101
Rudi Fischer8130000001001
1953ConnaughtIan Stewart18220000001001
Jack Fairman25210000000110
Johnny Claes18120000001340
Kenneth McAlpine18110000001331
Prince Bira1870000000312
Stirling Moss1890000000101
Tony Rolt18120000000101
1954MaseratiAlberto Ascari152100.1400003021
Harry Schell15120000000220
Ken Wharton1580000000220
Luigi Villoresi1550200001120
Onofre Marimón15304.1400000211
Prince Bira1540300001111
Roberto Mieres1560000000220
Ron Flockhart19200000001010
Sergio Mantovani15220000001010
Stirling Moss191600.1400000101
1955MaseratiAndré Simon16220000001001
Horace Gould16170000001010
Jean Behra16230000001001
Lance Macklin1680000000101
Luigi Musso1650200000101
Peter Collins16140000000110
Roberto Mieres16110000000101
1956MaseratiBruce Halford1160000002130
Cesare Perdisa1770000001111
Gerino Gerini11100000000110
Harry Schell17110000000110
Horace Gould1750200000220
Jack Brabham18260000001010
Jean Behra1130800002213
Jo Bonnier11200000001001
Louis Rosier1750200001120
Luigi Piotti1160000001120
Luigi Villoresi1160000001221
Ottorino Volonterio1770000000110
Paco Godia1140600000330
Stirling Moss11101601010303
Toulo de Graffenried1170000000110
Umberto Maglioli11130000002112
1957BRMRon Flockhart1790000000101
Cooper-ClimaxBob Gerard562000001010
Brian Naylor18130000000110
Dick Gibson18230000001010
Jack Brabham572000002121
Paul England18220000001010
Tony Marsh18150000000110
VanwallStuart Lewis-Evans1090000000110
1958Cooper-ClimaxAndré Guelfi7150000001010
Brian Naylor2236000001010
Bruce McLaren256000002020
Christian Goethals2166000001010
Dick Gibson2226000001010
François Picard7180000001010
Ian Burgess2710000002020
Jack Brabham2415300006345
Jack Fairman780000001001
Maurice Trintignant21151201005234
Robert La Caze7140000001010
Ron Flockhart10170000001010
Tom Bridger7190000001010
Tony Marsh286000001010
Wolfgang Seidel2146000002020
1959Aston MartinCarroll Shelby680000002231
Cooper-ClimaxAlain de Changy6190000001010
Alessandro de Tomaso9110000001010
Bruce McLaren6101201000312
Colin Davis14200000001010
George Constantine9160000001010
Harry Schell9150000001001
Ian Burgess14170000001010
Ivor Bueb6170000001010
Jack Brabham6101601000303
Jean Lucienbonnet6230000001010
Lucien Bianchi6200000001010
Masten Gregory6130000002011
Maurice Trintignant6201100000303
Stirling Moss670000022002
1960Aston MartinMaurice Trintignant8110000002130
Cooper-ClimaxBrian Naylor8190000001010
Bruce Halford12170000001010
Bruce McLaren8201000000202
Chris Bristow12140000001001
Giorgio Scarlatti12220000001010
Henry Taylor8140000001001
Ian Burgess8180000002020
Jack Brabham840300000202
Masten Gregory12200000001010
Maurice Trintignant8110000002130
Olivier Gendebien8120000001001
Pete Lovely8110000001010
Phil Hill860100000101
Ron Flockhart8210000001010
Tony Brooks840300001102
Wolfgang von Trips890000001010
1961Cooper-ClimaxAlfonso Thiele6361000001010
Bernard Collomb8190000002020
Bruce McLaren6321000001414
Geoff Duke10320000001010
Hap Sharp12100000000110
Ian Burgess10120000001010
Jack Brabham642300014105
Jack Fairman6251000001010
Jackie Lewis642300002231
John Campbell-Jones10330000001010
John Surtees652200004114
Lorenzo Bandini682000003030
Massimo Natili6302000002020
Masten Gregory6111000003030
Maurice Trintignant691000003030
Menato Boffa6381000001010
Renato Pirocchi6121000002020
Roger Penske1280000000110
Walt Hansgen12180000001010
1962LolaJohn Surtees11201900012709

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