F1 debrief

Mercedes 2022 Canadian F1 Grand Prix Debrief

Mike tackles the big talking points from the Canadian GP, in our Akkodis Race Debrief – from slick tyre decisions in Q3, to downforce..

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24 Jun 2022

Mercedes 2022 Azerbaijan GP Race Debrief

James is back to answer your #AzerbaijanGP questions in our Akkodis Race Debrief! 👀 He talks double stacks, bouncing and more

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15 Jun 2022

Mercedes 2022 Spanish F1 GP Debrief

Lewis’ incredible comeback drive, George’s fierce defence, and our progress so far with W13! 👀 James covers it all in the..

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27 May 2022

Mercedes 2022 Emilia Romagna GP race debrief

Debrief time, brought to you by Akkodis! 👊 Shov answers your Imola GP queries, including DRS trains, slick tyre transitions, front wing..

30 Apr 2022

Mercedes 2022 Australian F1 GP Race Debrief

You ask, and Mercedes answer! 👀 James Vowles talks through all the big topics from the  Australian GP weekend in our F1 Race Debrief,..

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15 Apr 2022

Mercedes 2022 Saudi Arabian GP F1 race debrief video

Shov talks through the key topics from the Saudi Arabian GP weekend in our F1 Race Debrief, brought to you by Akkodis! 👊 Including..

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31 Mar 2022

Mercedes F1 team 2022 Bahrain GP F1 Race Debrief

It’s a whole new era of F1, but the Race Debriefs aren’t going anywhere! 🙌 And this time, they’re brought to you by Akkodis! 👊..

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24 Mar 2022

2021 Mercedes F1 Race Debrief: The Bloopers

All the outtakes and bloopers from another year of F1 debrief fun!

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28 Dec 2021

Ferrari debrief Abu Dhabi GP by Iñaki Rueda’s

It’s time to go through the  Abu Dhabi GP with Iñaki Rueda’s debriefing

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15 Dec 2021

Mercedes 2021 Qatar F1 Grand Prix Race Debrief video

Plenty of topics to dive into in this week’s debrief with Mercedes F1 team trackside engineer Andrew Shovlin! 👀 He talks about..

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24 Nov 2021

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