2020 Used F1 Power Unit Elements

2020 F1 Power Unit Elements: See all Used Elements of Cars

F1 engine units

On this page you can see how many power unit elements each driver has in his car during the 2020 Formula 1 season.

The amount of used F1 power unit elements that are allowed to each car during the season is limited. During the 2020 season teams are allowed to use 3 ICE, 3 TC, 3 MGU-H, 3 MGU-K, 2 ES and 2 CE units per car without penalty. When the use exceeds these amount of power unit elements the driver of that car will receive grid penalties in the following race.

The used power unit elements in the sheet below are the number of current elements used on each car before the start of qualifying for the 2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

2020 Used Power Unit Elements

44MercedesLewis HamiltonMercedes333322
77MercedesValtteri BottasMercedes333322
5FerrariSebastian VettelFerrari333222
16FerrariCharles LeclercFerrari333222
33Red BullMax VerstappenHonda333322
23Red BullAlexander AlbonHonda333322
55McLarenCarlos SainzRenault333322
4McLarenLando NorrisRenault443322
3RenaultDaniel RicciardoRenault333322
31RenaultEsteban OconRenault333322
26AlphaTauriDaniil KvyatHonda333322
10AlphaTauriPierre GaslyHonda333322
11Racing PointSergio PérezMercedes444322
18Racing PointLance StrollMercedes333322
7Alfa RomeoKimi RäikkönenFerrari323222
99Alfa RomeoAntonio GiovinazziFerrari322222
8HaasPietro FittipaldiFerrari333233
20HaasKevin MagnussenFerrari322233
63WilliamsGeorge RussellMercedes444312
6WilliamsNicholas LatifiMercedes333322

ICE = Internal Combustion Engine
TC = Turbo Charger
MGU-H = Motor Generator Unit Heat
MGU-K = Motor Generator Unit Kinetic
ES – Energy Store
CE – Control Electronics

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