1968 F1 Championship Results

1968 F1 World Championship
RaceDateWinning DriverTeamLapsTime
South African Grand Prix resultJanuary 1United Kingdom Jim Clark
United Kingdom Lotus8001:53:56.600
Spanish Grand Prix resultMay 12United Kingdom Graham Hill
United Kingdom Lotus9002:15:02.100
Monaco Grand Prix resultMay 26United Kingdom Graham Hill
United Kingdom Lotus8002:00:32.300
Belgian Grand Prix resultJune 9New Zealand Bruce McLaren
United Kingdom McLaren2801:40:02.100
Dutch Grand Prix resultJune 23United Kingdom Jackie Stewart
France Matra9002:46:11.200
French Grand Prix resultJuly 7Belgium Jacky Ickx
Italy Ferrari6002:25:40.900
British Grand Prix resultJuly 20Switzerland Jo Siffert
United Kingdom Lotus8002:01:20.300
German Grand Prix resultAugust 4United Kingdom Jackie Stewart
France Matra1402:19:03.200
Italian Grand Prix resultSeptember 8New Zealand Denny Hulme
United Kingdom McLaren6801:40:14.800
Canadian Grand Prix resultSeptember 22New Zealand Denny Hulme
United Kingdom McLaren9002:27:11.200
United States Grand Prix resultOctober 6United Kingdom Jackie Stewart
France Matra10801:59:20.290
Mexican Grand Prix resultNovember 3United Kingdom Graham Hill
United Kingdom Lotus6501:56:43.950

1968 Formula 1 Drivers Championship Table

1United Kingdom Graham Hill211Ret9RetRet2Ret42148
2United Kingdom Jackie StewartRet  41361Ret61736
3New Zealand Denny Hulme525RetRet54711RetRet33
4Belgium Jacky IckxRetRet 341343DNS Ret27
5New Zealand Bruce McLaren RetRet1Ret8713Ret26222
6Mexico Pedro RodríguezRetRetRet23NCRet6Ret3Ret418
7Switzerland Jo Siffert7RetRet7Ret111RetRetRet5612
8United Kingdom John Surtees8RetRetRetRet25RetRetRet3Ret12
9France Jean-Pierre Beltoise65Ret829RetRet5RetRetRet11
10New Zealand Chris Amon4Ret Ret6102RetRetRetRetRet10
11United Kingdom Jim Clark1           9
12Austria Jochen Rindt3RetRetRetRetRetRet3RetRetRetRet8
13United Kingdom Richard Attwood  2Ret77Ret14    6
14France Johnny Servoz-Gavin  Ret  Ret  2Ret Ret6
15United Kingdom Jackie Oliver  Ret5NC Ret11RetRetDNS36
16Italy Ludovico ScarfiottiRet44         6
17Belgium Lucien Bianchi  36Ret  Ret NCNCRet5
18United Kingdom Vic Elford     4RetRetRet5Ret85
19United Kingdom Brian RedmanRet3 Ret        4
20United Kingdom Piers Courage RetRetRetRet6884RetRetRet4
21United States Dan GurneyRet Ret Ret Ret9RetRet4Ret3
22Sweden Jo BonnierRet  Ret8 Ret 6RetNC53
23Australia Jack BrabhamRet RetRetRetRetRet5RetRetRet102
24Switzerland Silvio Moser    5 NC DNQ   2
25France Henri Pescarolo         Ret 90
26Zimbabwe John Love9           0
27Germany Hubert Hahne       10    0
28Germany Kurt Ahrens Jr.       12    0
29South Africa Jackie PretoriusNC           0
30United Kingdom David Hobbs        Ret   0
31United Kingdom Robin Widdows      Ret     0
32Zimbabwe Sam TingleRet           0
33South Africa Basil van RooyenRet           0
34France Jo Schlesser     Ret      0
35United States Bobby Unser          Ret 0
36Mexico Moisés Solana           Ret0
37Canada Bill Brack         Ret  0
38United States Mario Andretti          Ret 0
39United Kingdom Derek Bell        Ret Ret 0
40Italy Andrea de AdamichRet           0
41United Kingdom Mike SpenceRet           0
42Australia Frank Gardner        DNQ   0
43South Africa Dave CharltonRet           0

United Kingdom Graham Hill12330626590048
New Zealand Denny Hulme12210306800033
Switzerland Jo Siffert12100116323012
Mexico Pedro Rodríguez12012305401018
United Kingdom John Surtees12011215091012
France Jean-Pierre Beltoise12010105562011
Austria Jochen Rindt1200222403008
New Zealand Bruce McLaren11120305610022
New Zealand Chris Amon11010135290010
United Kingdom Piers Courage1100000485004
Australia Jack Brabham1100000303002
United Kingdom Jackie Stewart10301406082036
Belgium Jacky Ickx9103414040027
United States Dan Gurney900000335003
United Kingdom Jackie Oliver800110297106
Sweden Jo Bonnier800000325003
United Kingdom Vic Elford700000306005
Belgium Lucien Bianchi700110282005
United Kingdom Richard Attwood601010251106
France Johnny Servoz-Gavin501010213006
Italy Ludovico Scarfiotti300000167006
United Kingdom Brian Redman30011099004
Switzerland Silvio Moser200000139002
United Kingdom Derek Bell20000018000
France Henri Pescarolo200000116000
United Kingdom Jim Clark11001180109
South Africa Basil van Rooyen10000022000
United States Mario Andretti10000132000
United Kingdom David Hobbs10000042000
Zimbabwe John Love10000075000
Germany Kurt Ahrens Jr.10000013000
Italy Andrea de Adamich10000013000
Mexico Moisés Solana10000014000
South Africa Jackie Pretorius10000071000
France Jo Schlesser1000002000
United Kingdom Mike Spence1000007000
United Kingdom Robin Widdows10000034000
Germany Hubert Hahne10000014000
Zimbabwe Sam Tingle10000035000
United States Bobby Unser10000035000
South Africa Dave Charlton1000003000
Canada Bill Brack10000018000

1968 Formula 1 Constructors Championship Table

1United Kingdom Lotus111591112Ret42162
2United Kingdom McLaren52518547114251
3France Matra65Ret41361261745
4Italy Ferrari4Ret 341243RetRetRet32
5United Kingdom BRMRetRet22368643Ret428
6Japan Honda8RetRetRetRet25RetRetRet3514
7United Kingdom Cooper-Climax7336Ret4RetRetRet5NC814
8United Kingdom Brabham3RetRetRet5RetRet3RetRetRet1010
9United States EagleRet Ret   Ret9Ret   0
10United Kingdom Lola       10    0
11South Africa LDSRet           0

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