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Haug: Porsche should enter F1

Sep.17 - Norbert Haug has urged Porsche to enter formula one. Recently, with the famous VW-owned carmaker announcing its decision to quit..

17 Sep 2017

Schumacher eyeing F1 'one step at a time'

May 8 - Mick Schumacher insists he is in no rush to become the next teenager in F1. As teens, Max Verstappen and Lance Stroll both powered..

8 May 2017

Haug questions Alonso's Indy move

Apr.27 - A former F1 chief has questioned McLaren's decision to tackle the Indy 500 with Fernando Alonso next month. For many years, Haug..

27 Apr 2017

Haug: Fast Ferrari means Vettel will stay

Mar.29 - The chance Sebastian Vettel will stay with Ferrari beyond 2017 stepped up a notch in Melbourne. That is the view of former..

29 Mar 2017

Haug backs Rosberg to tie up title

Nov.17 - Norbert Haug has backed Nico Rosberg to put the lid on his first world championship next weekend in Abu Dhabi. A third place will..

17 Nov 2016

Haug: Manor wise to sign Wehrlein

Feb.12 - Manor has made a wise choice by signing up Pascal Wehrlein for 2016. That is the view of Norbert Haug, a German broadcaster and..

12 Feb 2016

Haug: German GP demise 'serious' for F1 nation

Norbert Haug has lamented the demise of Germany's historic grand prix. "It does not send the right signals about the car industry in..

31 Mar 2015

Haug: Mercedes still favourite for 2015 F1 season

Former chief Norbert Haug doubts that Mercedes' rivals have been able to track down the German giant's advantage ahead of the 2015 season...

11 Feb 2015

Haug: Teammate war 'valuable' for F1 & Mercedes

F1 should thank the warring Mercedes teammates for their spicy championship battle in 2014. That is the view of Norbert Haug, the former..

4 Sep 2014

Haug predicts 'close duel' for Mercedes duo

Former Mercedes chief Norbert Haug is predicting a "close duel" between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg in 2014. Haug's German countryman..

6 May 2014

Norbert Haug returns to paddock with DTM

Norbert Haug is returning to motor racing. Having lost his role as Mercedes' motor sport chief, the 61-year-old found a new job at a German..

12 Mar 2014

Mercedes can break Vettel dominance doubts Haug

Norbert Haug, the former Mercedes competition boss, has bad news for the hopeful German marque. To now be headed by Paddy Lowe, Toto Wolff..

28 Nov 2013

New job in disabled mobility company for Haug

A few days ago, former Mercedes chief Norbert Haug said on German television he had "found a new challenge". On Thursday, it became clear..

18 Oct 2013

Haug thinks Mercedes will win 2014 F1 constructors title

Beating Red Bull to the world championship will now be "virtually impossible" for rival teams, former Mercedes boss Norbert Haug admits...

11 Sep 2013

Haug: I am not ruling out F1 return

Norbert Haug is not ruling out a return to formula one. After more than two decades in the role, Mercedes replaced the 60-year-old German..

4 Jul 2013

New managment Mercedes F1 not reason for boost

Mercedes' new bosses are not responsible for the German marque's apparently sudden speed boost. That is the claim of former team driver..

13 Mar 2013

Bernie Ecclestone thinks Mercedes can live without Ross Brawn

Bernie Ecclestone has suggested Mercedes can cope without its current team boss Ross Brawn. It has been rumoured Briton Brawn could be..

1 Feb 2013

Toto Wolff moves to Mercedes to follow up Norbert Haug

Toto Wolff, the Williams shareholder who manages Valtteri Bottas and only last July became an executive director, is leaving the..

21 Jan 2013

Norbert Haug concludes his career as Head of Motorsports

After more than 22 years as Head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport, Daimler AG Vice President Norbert Haug will conclude his career at the end of..

23 Dec 2012

Haug admits Mercedes lack of succes led to F1 departure

Norbert Haug has admitted he is stepping down due to Mercedes' lack of success as a works team since 2010. But in an interview with..

19 Dec 2012

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