Jun.15 - Mercedes' push for rule changes to end the new 'porpoising' phenomenon in Formula 1 is likely to fail.

That is the view of the German marque's former F1 boss Norbert Haug, even though Mercedes' argument is based on safety in light of Lewis Hamilton's visible back problems after Baku.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner, though, said he is not interested in helping Mercedes.

"They can always screw a thicker floor on the car if they want to," he said.

"And all of us decide for ourselves how high you want to run the car. That would be the first and the simplest solution."

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff, however, says those changes wouldn't work.

Horner insists: "Of course there are solutions, it's just that they're at the expense of performance.

"So the easiest thing to do is complain."

Popular British commentator Martin Brundle insists that the complaints are unlikely to result in rival teams leaping to Mercedes' assistance.

"I don't want to downplay what Lewis and George (Russell) are going through, but asking the other teams to change the rules to help Mercedes is like asking a turkey to vote for Christmas," he said.

Former Mercedes boss Haug agrees.

"I can't imagine that there will be a rule change," he told Sky Deutschland. "Especially as Red Bull has already pointed out that it would be unfair.

"I don't think Mercedes' problem can be solved in the short term."

Haug thinks Mercedes came unstuck when its earlier engine advantage ended, resulting in engineers and designers penning a "revolutionary aerodynamic concept" for the 2022 rules.

"That's why Mercedes, in the truest sense of the word, is the most shaken," said the German.

"In the wind tunnel it works, but when the ground effect keeps breaking, it's kind of like riding a jackhammer. And this will not be remedied by changing the regulations," Haug explained.

"It's a tough time for them now, but they'll sort things out. Maybe they'll have to completely rethink the aerodynamic concept but I think we'll be fast at Silverstone."

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24 F1 Fan comments on “Does Mercedes want to turn their problem into F1's problem?

  1. Ted harper

    Be interesting if they could find an old set of 13 inch tyres and try them see if higher sidewalls would soak up minor undulations in the track or slidey skirts or active suspension

  2. CanadianEh

    The M-B engineers know perfectly well how to remedy the situation.

    There is a longer game in play here.

    Brundle, Horner and others essentially agree that the M-B porpoising issue is a "You" problem, not an "Us" problem.

    To subjectively change the rules for M-B is absolutely the wrong thing to do. They made their bed, now lie in it.

    • Swede

      But Dr. DimenToto and Lewis are used to whining and getting what they want. Masi is the prime example.

      Russel just younger and more able to endure the pain. Lewis is old.

      Mohammad might make concessions though, as he is fraught to get piercings and improper underwear out of the sport.

  3. Yrjo E Veltheim

    I'm an LH fan and would like to see the end to his obvious pain. Changing the rules though, would be the wrong thing to do. Merc has more than enough engineers and designers to fix the porpoising problem and unless they want Lewis to retire as a cripple, they'd better get their best brains to work.

  4. Donalf

    Some of sir Lulu fans wonder why he gets picked on and the answer to that is he likes it he encourages sometimes not very pleasent ones, his back pain for instance, you could see when he exited his car that he had a back ache,, or did he now in less than a week he's gunning for it again, saying "I've manned up I can brush,the pain aside and carry on no regardless" now I've had backache where I have slept on the floor for three days and couldn't stand for the pain,, now I can sympathise with that and with anyone who's had a genuine case but sir Lulu I'm afraid is a sham and that's why he asks for not so nice comments.

    • Mike

      Its great there are people on this sight who can read minds. That must Donalf feel so good knowing he can make fun of someone in pain (I'm sorry...fake pain.)
      Look, I am not a LW fan. I think he was lucky to be in the best car with no competition. Good for him. He is nowhere near being the GOAT IMHO. But this kind of stuff is juvenile at best. When I joined the group, I thought I would hear intelligent conversations about topics of interest. But I haven't. I have just heard a bunch of grade school taunts. I would like to think that all Euro race fans aren't like this. But I haven't seen much.

      • Donalf

        No it does not make me feel good at all quite the opposite if you can't stick the heat then get out, in fact sir Lulu's antics makes me want to throw up... End of..

  5. shroppyfly

    unless they want Lewis to retire --- Actually you can stop right there...! you mean there best brains didnt build this car ?

    Lewises problem is in his head , hes still not over AD last yr, physically hes fit enough but mentally hes gone , no matter what Toto says, Max, George and the others are messing with his head

    He says in the closed season he always thinks about retirement, well, this time he didnt think hard enough, probably bumped up by his ego and the Totester, as the season goes on , in his head it will just get worse for him, those little demons saying Nico, Nico why didn't i do a Nico, all of course in my sarcastic and long pillaried opinion of The knight bachelor or whatever he calls himself these days .

    • shroppyfly

      Not sure about always right... but on the other side I'm never wrong Soooo... lol ,well it cant harm can it, get him warmed up for the seat next yr too , give the old dames back a bit of a rest etc, with SS coming up, Max will want to settle the score .

  6. Donalf

    You see this what I'm talking about sir Lulu has admitted to almost crashing the car due to agonising back pain "cramp" therefore being a responsible experienced driver should ha pitted as a safety protocol but didn't so risking a life threatening accident just like Silverstone when suffering long covid.

  7. Bert pontefract

    Why do people turn everything into a trolling war the question was about MB not back ache or Toto Or goats sheep cows horses I'd rather watch moto gp

    • Michael

      Bert, you have probably noticed there are 77 year jr high school kids on this site. Good forbid people would talk about racing (like the tape used on the wing-never saw any follow up on that.) No what you get here is just juvenile back and forth between petty fans who I am sure are quite knowledgeable but would rather engage in this nonsense. I don't read the comments anymore. I did find a response in my inbox after a week off. Hopefully I will find a group where real discussions are had some day. This is not the one.

      • Swede

        Jr. High? More like 7 year old twits...

        Leopold encourges this childishness b/c he gets advertising $ for every hit.

        Doubt any of these wankers have ever raced anything.

        I only read/comment here whilst on the toilet some days.

  8. Donalf

    I dont think there is any trolling going on everything is in the open sir Lulu's bad back has been talked about all week questions are is he shaming or not, a week gone by, same car, same porpoising, same track bumps, on the podium & no signs of a bad back,, he's got what he wanted a sympathetic reaction so now he can close the door on that until he demands his next request.


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